Live Dealer Roulette

Fifty years ago you had only one choice if you wanted to play roulette, and that was to head down to a casino and risk your money. Today, there are many ways of playing roulette for real money. You can take that same trip to a land-based casino, but you can play roulette while sitting in the bar and make your wagers on a Tablet! You don’t even have to leave the house anymore, what with internet options, and you can even play while sitting at a traffic light on your Mobile device. But that’s not the same as playing roulette with a live dealer.

Dealers are not machines, and each will exhibit some tendencies that can be profitable for the cagy player. Others may deal a more straight-forward game, but it’s still a good idea to understand the differences in types of roulette. Video roulette, played on websites and slot machines like those offered by Bally, run probabilities with the help of a RNG (random number generator). Some players feel the numbers, colors, and other variable outcomes are stunted, and less realistic than traditional wheels with fewer streaks. This may or may not be so, but the payout for each wager is often reduced on video games, so roulette systems are less likely to be successful.

Electronic roulette games, where a realistic wheel is encased under a plastic dome, seem to produce a steadier flow of expected results, but because the velocity of the ball is varied on each spin, the game does have some aspects unseen on a traditional game.

Live Dealer Roulette Sites

Below we have a list of our favourite live dealer roulette casino sites. All these sites use a real world studio where real dealers give you instructions and spin the ball. Feel free to sit in and view any of these games before playing.

What to Expect on a Live Game

Live Dealers At Bet365When you have your choice of live roulette games, with real dealers, you’ll also have your choice of table limits. Obviously, choosing one that has a limit to your liking makes sense, even if you have played successfully with a dealer at a higher-limit table. It makes sense to choose your limit based on your bankroll, but dealers do offer some options.

Some dealers may deal a much faster game than you like, so wander about and check your choices before sitting down. You may also want to choose your table based on how many players are in action. If you play a system that requires a pencil and paper, find a spot where you can keep your notes and easily reach your bets. Other players (and the croupiers) will occasionally become agitated if you continually stretch past other players to place your bets, and although the dealer will place bets for you, they don’t always like to, especially in North American casinos.

You will have to purchase chips from the dealer, so take your cash and place it to the side of the numbers and ask for change. Make sure you do this between spins – after the dealer has swept the wheel of all losing wagers, and they are either in the process of paying the last winners or mucking (stacking) the chips – before spinning the ball. If you are going to play inside bets, get a color and choose your per-bet amount. If you are going to wager on outside numbers you can get standard casino chips.

If you are playing a roulette system such as the Column King, sit near the end of the table. If you are playing the Law of the Third and tracking numbers, you might want to stand and keep your notes, but make sure you have your chips ready to get into action. If there is a seat, something right in the middle at the length of the table is best, since this will make it easy to reach inside numbers.

Remember that the dealer will work at a steady pace, and they will wave-off any more bets at approximately the same time on each hand, as the ball has about two full spins to go before dropping. Learn to get your wagers up in time, or you will be left behind!

Dealer Personalities

As with workers in all jobs, casino dealers are people first, and their personalities may have a bearing on how they deal the game. Most are there to work, make money, and go home. If tips are allowed, coming across with a chip or two will make for a better relationship. If tips are not allowed, keep in mind that a smile and kind word are as much expected from you, as from the dealer. A friendly dealer will try to give you time to get your bets down, offer advice, and deal a steady game.

On the flip side, a dealer in a bad mood may care little about your success at the table. Certainly there are times that a dealer purposely waves-off final wagers just as certain players are ready to place their bets, so if this happens, find another table.

Profitable Outcomes at Roulette

Any trip to a live roulette game has a possibility of being profitable. Choosing a competent, friendly dealer has a lot to do with your success. You will be less hurried and less likely to make a mistake if your dealer is willing to work with you a bit. In addition, many dealers have developed a very ritualistic spin of the ball. These dealers get the same torque and velocity on the ball nearly every spin, and by clocking the wheel you can gain an advantage. It will take practice, but the rewards can be great.

Dealers who are ready to see you win, or are trying to have some fun, may try very hard to get the ball to land on a certain number or in a certain spot by releasing the ball at a certain time in the rotation of numbers. While no dealer can actually hit exact numbers, there are times when a dealer might say something such as “I’ve hit a number three times in a row, but never four,” as they actively try to repeat a number!

Unfortunately, dealers who think they are clever may take the opposite tack, and try to steer the ball away from certain numbers. If you are betting orphans or thirds of the wheel, a mean-spirited dealer may actually try to keep the ball from landing in your sections. There have also been times that dealers have tried very hard to keep the ball near the zero, hoping to snap-off a Martingale or d’Alembert system player by hitting green on numerous occasions.

While this may seem outlandish, when playing a French wheel with a single zero and En Prison rules, the tiny 1.35% house edge can be raised quite a bit by just a few extra zeroes being spun in the course of an hour or two of play. Obviously this is rare, but when you encounter a situation like this it is best to just move along, or if there are many players on the game and you see this type of behavior, take advantage of it by betting the opposite of the big money. If the zero seems like a place of interest for the dealer, put your chips there and hope they are accurate.

There is also the chance that you will find a biased roulette wheel, where due to age or lack of proper maintenance, certain sections and numbers will be spun at a rate higher than probability would suggest. This can happen regularly, and with no additional input from the dealer. A competent pit boss or management group will find the problem quickly, so take advantage of any legal edge you can get before it goes away!