Knowledge of roulette odds and payouts is crucial if you want to be a successful player. On this page, we cover everything you’ll ever need to know about roulette odds. Among other things, you’ll learn the differences between American and European roulette odds, get to grips with called bets, and discover how player-friendly rules like la partage and en prison impact your chances of winning.

Our expert team has helped thousands of players at all levels to improve their roulette skills and knowledge. Use our tips and tricks to help you refine your personal roulette strategy by seeking out the best bets and avoiding the worst options at the table.


shutterstock_76475956Roulette odds provide you with the information you need to know how likely you are to win any bet. There are many different bets available on a roulette table, and each one has its own odds. These range from even money bets that pay off nearly half the time, to single number bets that are hard to hit, but which will earn you a lot of money when they do.

Before diving deeper into roulette odds, however, it’s important that you understand the basics of how to play roulette. Before every spin, you will have the opportunity to place as many bets as you like all around the roulette table. Each of these bets covers one or more of the numbered pockets on the roulette wheel, and comes with its own specific odds of winning.

When the croupier spins the ball around the wheel, it will eventually fall into one of these pockets. The number and color of that pocket will determine which bets win on that spin. At this point, the croupier will mark the winning number, losing bets are taken off the table, and roulette payouts are made for the remaining winning bets before the next spin.


While the American and European games may seem similar at first glance, the two games actually use different roulette wheels. The American wheel has both a zero (0) and a double zero (00) on it, while the European wheel only has the single zero.

This actually makes a major difference to players. European roulette odds are much better for players, because there is one less pocket on the wheel for the ball to fall into. Since both versions offer the same roulette payouts, this means that the odds and house edge are smaller in European roulette.

Some European roulette games offer additional rules that further help the player cut into the house edge. When a casino offers la partage, that means that you will only lose half of an even money bet (meaning bets like odd/even or red/black) if the ball lands on zero.

En prison is a variation of the la partage rule. Rather than getting half of your bet back, the money will instead be put “in prison”. after which you can win it all back If the next spin results in a win for that bet. In either case, these options offer the best odds in roulette, as they cut the house edge roughly in half.



2.7%HOUSE EDGE5.26%
97.3%AVERAGE PAYOUT FOR 100 €94.74%


While there are a wide array of roulette bet types to choose from, these options can mainly be divided into two types: inside bets and outside bets. These categories get their names based on where these bets occur on the roulette table layout. Inside bets are placed on the numbers at the center of the table, while outside bets have special betting areas on the outer portion of the board.

Inside Bets

Inside bets tend to have a lower probability of winning, but they offer the biggest roulette payouts. For this reason, they are often the best way to start playing for those who are new to the game, as they give you a chance to earn a big payout on any given spin without having to risk much money on each bet.

Straight: A bet on a single number. If the ball lands on that number, the bet pays 35-1.

Split: A bet on two adjacent numbers on the roulette table. If either of those numbers hits, the bet pays 17-1.

Street: A bet on a row of three numbers on the roulette layout. If any of those numbers wins, your bet pays out at 11-1 odds.

Corner: A bet on a “square” of four numbers on the roulette betting layout. If any of these numbers wins, the bet pays 8-1.

Six Line: A bet on two consecutive rows, covering six numbers in total. If the ball lands on any of those numbers, you’ll win at 5-1 odds.

First Four: This bet is only available on European roulette tables, and covers the zero along with 1, 2, and 3. If any of those four numbers wins, the bet pays 8-1.

Trio: Like a street bet, this bet covers three numbers, but it includes one of the zeros. For instance, a player can make a trio bet covering 0, 1, and 2. If any of those numbers wins, the bet pays 11-1.

Top Line: This bet is only available on American roulette tables and covers five numbers in total: the zero, double zero, 1, 2, and 3. If the ball lands on any of those numbers, your bet pays out at 6-1 odds.

Outside Bets

Outside bets cover large sections of the wheel, giving you a better chance of winning your bet. However, they also come with smaller payouts, and may require higher minimum wagers than inside bets.

Columns: A column bet covers one of the three columns on the roulette table layout, each of which contains 12 numbers. If any of those 12 numbers wins, your bet pays 2-1 odds.

Dozens: These bets cover sets of 12 consecutive numbers: 1-12, 13-24, or 25-36. If a number in the range you bet on wins, the bet pays 2-1.

Odd/Even: These bets cover all of the odd or even numbers on the table (note that zeros do not count as either odd or even). If a matching number wins, then your bet pays out even money.

Red/Black: These bets cover all pockets – 18 each – of that color. If the ball lands on that color, you win at even money odds.

High/Low: These bets cover the range of 1-18 and 19-36. Should the ball land on a number in the range you’ve chosen, the bet pays even money.

Called & Announced Bets

Called and announced bets are roulette bet types that may not be familiar even to many experienced players. These are more frequently seen in European casinos, and they allow players to make bets by announcing them to the croupier. Called bets can be made on credit, while announced bets require a player to actually have the money on the table in order to make them.Typically, such bets are only offered to known players, usually high rollers. In modern roulette, announced bets are far more common than called bets, as most casinos cannot or will not allow their players to wager on credit.

While any bet can be an announced bet, this option is typically only used for complex wagers, most of which are known as the French bets. These bets cover specific portions of the roulette wheel, which takes several chips to accomplish and can be unwieldy to manage on the standard roulette betting layout. Instead, the croupier can manage those bets for players, sometimes by using the “racetrack” layout seen on some European roulette tables.

Common announced bets include:Voisins du Zero: This bet covers 17 numbers using nine chips. Your payout will be determined by the type of bet covering the winning number: 16 chips on the corner bet, 22 on the trio, or 17 chips if one of the splits wins.

Jeu Zero: The “zero game” covers just seven numbers using four chips. If a split wins, the bet will pay out 17 chips. If the number 26 hits, you win 35 chips.

Tiers du Cylindre: This bet covers 12 numbers that lie far away from the zero. It takes six split bets to cover these numbers, and you get a payout of 17 chips if any of them wins.

Orphelins: Made with five chips, this bet has varying payouts. The straight bet on 1 pays 35-1, while the split bets would pay 17-1.

Finals: A final bet covers every number that ends in a specific digit. These are all straight bets paying out at 35-1 odds.

Full Completes: A full complete is a true maximum bet on a single number. These bets involve heavy risks to the player, with the exact payouts depending on what number is hit, various table maximums, and which number is being maxed out.

You can find out more details on each of these on our called bets and announced bets page.


Our team of experts has years of experience playing roulette, meaning we know all the pro tips and tricks that can help you get the best roulette odds possible. One of the most important things we can share is how to make the best bets possible each time you step up to the roulette table. Here are our favorite bets in roulette:

La Partage: When it comes to roulette odds, it doesn’t get better than playing at European roulette tables that offer la partage rules on even money bets. When these rules are in effect, you’ll get half your money back if the ball lands on zero, meaning the house edge is reduced to just 1.35%.
En Prison: This variant of la partage is nearly as good for players. Depending on the exact rules being used, en prison – which gives players the chance to rescue their even money bets after a zero – can also drop the house edge to 1.35% for players.
Straight Bets: We recommend straight bets to new players because of their potential for massive payouts, as they pay 35-1 – which is the highest roulette odds on the table. If you want to manage your risk, you can also make multiple straight bets on each spin.
Even Money Bets: If you’re more risk-averse, even money bets like red/black and odd/even will give you the most security possible, as you’ll win nearly half the time. This is perfect if you’re trying to nurse a small bankroll over a long session with friends at the casino. Unless your luck is extremely bad, you’ll be unlikely to lose much money even over hundreds of spins.


While we’re happy to give you tips on how to find the best odds in roulette, the best thing we can do for our players is steer them away from bets that aren’t worth their time. By avoiding the worst of the worst options, you’ll improve your roulette odds and have more fun playing knowing you aren’t getting ripped off.

The biggest example is the Top Line or First Five bet on American roulette tables. While the odds in roulette are very consistent across almost all bets, this particular bet is an exception. This is because payouts in roulette are generally designed to be fair for a wheel with 36 pockets, with the house edge coming from the fact that there are actually 37 (European roulette) or 38 (American roulette) pockets for the ball to fall into.

On an American table, that means that whether you make a straight bet at 35-1 payout, or bet on black at even money, the house edge is 2/38, or 5.26%. However, the Top Line bet covers exactly five numbers (0-00-1-2-3), a number that 36 can’t be evenly divided into. Casinos offer 6-1 on this bet, which would only be a fair bet if there were 35 pockets. The result of this is a house edge of 7.89%, which is much higher than on any other bet.

The Top Line isn’t always the only sucker bet on the table. Generally, it’s best to avoid unusual side bets that may be added to the game, especially in online roulette. As in other casino games, these side bets are almost always added to make more money off players and come with extraordinarily high house edges.


One of the best ways to improve your odds in roulette is by brushing up on your roulette strategy. While the results of each spin are random, roulette strategies can be used to manage your sessions and get the kinds of results you’re looking for.

For instance, let’s say you want to maximize your chances of booking at least a small win at the end of a session. Your best bet may be the Martingale System, which asks you to place even money bets, doubling your bet amount after a loss. On the other hand, a player looking for a huge payday would be better off trying something like the Guetting System. We cover many of these systems as well as other ways to improve your odds on our roulette strategy page.

The most important thing you can do to maximize your roulette odds is to get some practice in before you try playing for real money. If you’re looking to develop your skills or test a new betting strategy, you’ll want to check out the 80+ free online roulette titles which are available for you to try without risking any money.


At this point, you should have a strong knowledge of roulette odds and payouts, which bets you want to seek out, and which to avoid. Armed with this information, you should feel confident about playing roulette for real cash at one of our top-rated casinos.

We only recommend the most trustworthy and reputable online casinos for our readers. Any of the sites in the table below will provide you with a safe and secure place to enjoy playing roulette.


🎲 Are roulette odds good?

While roulette odds vary depending on the type of table you are playing at, the odds are generally quite good. That’s especially true when compared to other popular gambling options like slot machines, which normally have much higher house edges.

❤️ What is the best bet in roulette?

If you want the best odds in roulette, you’ll want to find a European roulette table where you can take advantage of la partage rules on even money bets. Under those conditions, the house edge is just 1.35%.

🎰 What are the best roulette bet combinations?

There are many different roulette bet combinations that are effective, with the best one depending on your goals at the table. Familiarizing yourself with bet systems can help you determine what works for you, and what doesn’t.

💰 How much is a roulette chip worth?

The most common value for a roulette chip in an American casino is one dollar. However, this amount can vary depending on how much you buy in for at the table. When you purchase your chips, your croupier will set a value that leaves you with a reasonable amount of chips to play with: buy in for $100, and you’ll get dollar chips; start with $10,000 on the table, and each chip might be worth $100 instead.

Are roulette tables rigged?

Generally speaking, roulette tables are fair. Casinos have a mathematical advantage and don’t need to cheat to get roulette odds they are happy with. However, there have been plenty of cases where biased wheels have made some numbers appear more often than others – something that attentive players can take advantage of.


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