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Gambling laws throughout the world vary from country to country and whether or not gambling is legal in particular jurisdictions is the responsibility of each individual player to research and discover. Likewise, age requirements regarding online gambling also differ internationally and it is the sole responsibility of each player to comply with such laws in their jursdiction. RouletteOnline.net offers no exchange of funds and is not a gambling Web site. RouletteOnline.net is an informational Web site and, as such, is exempt from any illegal use of the site’s information.

Accuracy of Web site Information

Every effort is made to provide up-to-date and accurate information on RouletteOnline.net. However, the gambling industry is often subject to rapid changes and the responsibility of determining whether the information provided on RouletteOnline.net is still applicable and accurate falls upon the reader. The game of roulette is played with slightly different rules in various regions of the world and it is up to the reader to understand which rules prevail in his or her locale.

Contacting RouletteOnline.net

No monetary funds will be processed or exchanged at RouletteOnline.net. This site is designed to offer information enabling readers to make informed choices. Any concerns or questions related to gaming at any particular sites, including deposit and withdrawal inquiries, are to be made directly to customer support of the sites in question.

Funding Gambling Web sites

By its very nature, gambling involves risk that may result in money lost. RouletteOnline.net is not responsible for monetary losses that may be suffered due to gambling. The responsibility and risk involved in gambling endeavors is the burden of the player. Funding gambling Web sites is lawful in certain regions, but may be unlawful in others. It is the responsibility of the player to ensure that transacting funds and gambling online is permissible under current statutes in their location. Should online gambling become illegal in a player’s jurisdiction and that player has funds on account at any gambling site, it is the sole responsibility of said player to make the required provisions to obtain his or her funds. RouletteOnline.net is merely an informational Web site and is free from any responsibility in such matters. Each player has the burden of researching laws in his or her jursidiction to determine the legality of gambling online.

Responsible Gambling

Online gambling is recognized as a legitimate mode of entertainment that, when done responsibly, can be enjoyed from the familiarity and comfort of one’s own home. While the vast majority of players can and do enjoy gambling in a responsible fashion, there may be a small percentage of players who may be underage or have permitted gambling to play a much too large role in their lives. We at RouletteOnline.net encourage players to gamble responsibly and to be cognizant of behavior that may be spiralling out of control and entering into compulsive or addictive areas. Please be aware that there is help available at your local Gamblers Anonymous hotline should gambling cross the line from enjoyable entertainment to compulsive behavior.