Roulette Casinos Accepting Deposits via Click2Pay

Click2Pay is an electronic wallet that can be used for many things but which enjoys particular traction among casino players.

It’s a fast and effective means of getting funds from A to B, in this case from your bank account to the casino’s so that you can log in and indulge your favourite games, be it slots, poker or blackjack.

Because it’s designed to be anonymous, without revealing your bank details to the recipient, the appeal of Click2Pay is obvious. Many gamblers value discretion, and Click2Pay provides that, preventing employers, spouses and other parties from being able to ascertain where their funds are going.

Who are Click2Pay?

The company who own Click2Pay are a subsidiary of Wire Card AG, a firm who were founded in 1998 and who are listed on the German stock market. They’re based in the German city of Aschheim and specialise in payment processing. With a revenue of almost €800 million in 2015, they’re a serious operator who are clearly doing it right.

Due to their geographical origins, Click2Pay is particularly popular in Germany and Russia, but the payment provider have long since expanded beyond the confines of northern Europe. Today, Click2Pay handles multiple currencies, processing thousands of transactions a second.

Where you can use Click2Pay?

Click2Pay is available in many countries around the world and it’s an extremely common payment method listed by numerous web-based casinos. European countries where Click2Pay is available include the UK, Spain, France and Germany. It’s available in other continents too, with players in South Africa and Canada among the many who can use the popular electronic wallet for all their gambling needs.

How Click2Pay works

Because Click2Pay is an electronic wallet, you need to send funds from your bank account to it. Once that’s been done, you’re able to use your wallet to fund your casino account, to shop online or to spend your funds in whatever manner you see fit. While most people elect to link their bank account to their Click2Pay account, the provider will also accept credit and debit cards being linked. Once you’ve set up your Click2Pay account, you’ll be provided with a PAN – Personal Account Number – and then you’ll be good to go.

Any time you make a Click2Pay transaction, the recipient – typically the casino – won’t be able to view your bank or card details. Instead, they’ll just see an ID code, a feature which gives you anonymity, from the recipient’s perspective at least. As soon as you make a payment using Click2Pay, the sum will be immediately deducted from your Click2Pay balance.

Getting started with Click2Pay

While Click2Pay is extremely easy to use, you’ll need to create an account with the provider and fill in a few details before you can start using the service. You can do this by visiting the Click2Pay website. To confirm that your details are correct, Click2Pay will withdraw a sum of €5 from your bank account. Once the transaction has been completed and confirmed, however, it will then be reversed and your €5 should be returned within a week. As part of its verification process, Click2Pay may also contact you by telephone.

The sign-up process via the Click2Pay website is pretty quick and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to complete. Thereafter, however, you’ll need to wait a day or two while your details and account are verified. While the number of steps Click2Pay take to confirm your details can be annoying, it is worth noting that these measures are taken for your benefit just as much as theirs to prevent fraud, and ensure that your privacy and security are maintained.

Star Rating

Once your Click2Pay account has been created and you’ve been issued with a PAN and ID code, the payment provider will award you a star rating. This is almost like a credit score, which in this case will determine the amount of money you’re allowed to spend in any single week.

Everyone starts off with the same star rating, before gradually increasing it as time progresses and as they use their account more. Use your Click2Pay account frequently and you’ll find that your star rating will increase quickly, maximising the amount you can spend in a week via Click2Pay.

In some cases, the payment provider may increase your star rating from the very outset, but this will only happen on request. Even then, it’s not a given that the company’s customer service team will grant your request.

While it’s unlikely that you’ll have cause to send vast amounts of cash via Click2Pay immediately after signing up, it’s handy to know that there’s the potential at least to raise your star rating if required.

Making a Casino Deposit with Click2Pay

If you’d like to deposit funds into a casino account with the aid of Click2Pay, the process is very simple. When you’re logged in to your online casino of choice, there’ll be an option on the payments page marked E-Wallets or simply marked Click2Pay.

Click on it and enter your PAN and ID code, as supplied by Click2Pay. Select the amount you’d like to deposit, click Confirm and the transaction will be instantly performed – provided you’ve got the funds in your account of course. There are no fees for using Click2Pay to deposit funds into a casino account.

Making a Casino Withdrawal With Click2Pay

Not all casino deposit methods can be used for withdrawals too, but Click2Pay works both ways. On the withdrawal page of the casino, select the amount you wish to withdraw, select Click2Pay as the option, enter your PAN and ID code again and you should be good to go.

While funds sent to a Click2Pay account will clear instantly, it’s worth noting that just because you press that Withdraw button at the casino doesn’t mean your Click2Pay account is going to be topped up instantly.

The vast majority of casinos apply a waiting period of at least 48 hours before honouring withdrawal requests. Thus, if funds haven’t appeared in your Click2Pay account as expected, 9 times out of 10, this will be because of the casino. Check with them before you chase up Click2Pay’s customer service team.

The Pros and Cons of Click2Pay

The benefits of using Click2Pay are obvious: they’re a trusted, reputable company for one thing, and the relative anonymity of transactions is a huge plus. This eliminates the worry – or at least the nagging doubt – that comes from sharing your bank or card details with an online casino.

The other reasons why Click2Pay is great is the fact that funds clear instantly and there are no charges levied. For these reasons, Click2Pay is ideal for customers looking to deposit funds with a casino or to withdraw their winnings from it.

There are a couple of disadvantages to using Click2Pay however. For one thing, the fact that it can take a couple of days to set up your account will deter some casino players who want to get started instantly. In such cases, a credit card deposit with the casino may be the best option. It’s also worth bearing in mind that Click2Pay isn’t available in all territories or at all casinos.

It’s popular, but it’s by no means ubiquitous. Still, if you are able to use Click2Pay where you live, you’ll find it to be a great solution for facilitating casino deposits and withdrawals.

In Conclusion

Click2Pay is a quick and convenient electronic wallet that’s ideal for funding your casino playing account. Whether you’re looking to play roulette, slots or any one of the numerous other games that web-based casinos offer, Click2Pay provides a simple means of transferring money into your account. More discreet than credit card and accepted by a good many casinos, Click2Pay certainly has its advantages. What’s more, after winning money at the casino, you can withdraw funds back onto your Click2Pay account, with funds clearing instantly in most cases. There’s usually a waiting period of 48 hours applied by most casinos, but thereafter you should see your withdrawal show up in your Click2Pay account.