Instadebit Casinos

Instadebit is an online payment mechanism that operates as an e-wallet. Deposit funds into your Instadebit account and you can use it for all manner of purposes including gambling. If you’re looking to send money to a casino account, Instadebit is ideal.

It’s fast, transactions clear instantly if you have a balance account and it’s accepted by a significant number of web-based casinos. Signing up for an Instadebit account is free and once you’ve created a balance account, it can be topped up via your bank account.

There’s one country where you’ll see a lot of Instadebit and that’s Canada, the home of this alternative payment provider and indeed the only place where it’s available.

It’s a Canadian Thing

The Canadian gambling industry is growing fast thanks to a number of jurisdictions in the country that are gambling-friendly. This has encouraged numerous casinos to spring up in Canada, which in turn has been a boon for Instadebit, whose payment service has proven extremely popular with Canadian players. Identifying what Instadebit does is easy. Identifying how its name should be written is tougher.

Depending on where you go on the web, it’s either Instadebit, INSTADebit, INSTA Debit or INSTADEBIT; Instadebit themselves adopt two different versions on their website. That’s one of the problems with web-based businesses: they’re incapable of standardising their name.

Most of them can’t even decide whether or not to put a space between words, let alone determine whether to use caps, lower case of a combination of both. Admittedly, all of this isn’t Instadebit’s fault – they’re only responsible for the misuse of their own name – but it is a problem that repeatedly crops up.

How Instadebit Works

Instadebit describe their service as being “like paying with a cheque online, only easier”. This isn’t a very good explanation to be honest. A more accurate one would be to say it’s a payment service that’s directly linked to your bank account; you can open an Instadebit balance account, but you can also use it like you were paying by bank transfer.

When you sign up with Instadebit, you can get going immediately with no waiting around provided you have a Canadian bank account. Instadebit are certainly correct however when they say that Instadebit is not an e-wallet, and as such you can’t use it like you would Skrill or Neteller.

Once you’ve set up an Instadebit account, there are a number of things you can do whenever you log in. In addition to going through your transaction history, you can accept refunds, withdraw funds, update your personal details and verify your bank account. When you create an Instadebit account, the company will send a small deposit to your bank account.

Don’t get too excited at the prospect of winning the jackpot however: whatever Instadebit send you, it’ll be less than $2. Check the amount they’ve sent, enter it where requested in your Instadebit account settings and you’ll officially be verified. Should you run into any difficulties while using Instadebit, the company provides email support as well as a toll-free telephone number that’s available 24/7.

How to Use Instadebit at a Casino

If you’re intent on topping up your casino account using Instadebit, the process is straightforward. Visit the cashier section of the casino, click on the Deposit button and select Instadebit. Then enter your account details and hit continue.

At this stage you’ll be presented with two options: make an instant deposit or make a bank transfer. Both methods involve Instadebit but the latter will take a few days to complete, whereas the former is instant.

How Secure Is Instadebit?

Instadebit boasts of having “one of the most sophisticated and comprehensive anti-fraud systems in the ecommerce industry”, so it would be fair to say they take security seriously.

The company won’t share your data with merchants, including any casinos you may play at. When you create an account, they’ll request certain information including the last 4 digits of your Social Insurance Number to verify your identity and prevent impersonation. Instadebit use industry standard 128-bit encryption to keep transactions secure and to safeguard customer data.

The Pros and Cons of Using Instadebit

If you’re considering using Instadebit to fund a casino account, there are a few benefits that spring to mind. The service is secure and Instadebit appear to be a reputable company. Because the firm don’t share data with third parties, you can use their service in the confidence that your privacy will be respected.

Using Instadebit means you don’t have to use a credit card at a casino or other website. This is helpful if you either don’t have a credit card or are reluctant to use your card freely at websites whose trustworthiness you can’t vouch for. Instadebit is free to use if you’re sending money from your Instadebit balance account and funds will clear instantly into your casino account.

There are a few drawbacks to Instadebit of course. For one thing, it’s only available to customers with a Canadian bank account, making it all but useless to anyone who doesn’t live in Canada. What’s more, while Instadebit is free to use if you’re sending money from your Instadebit balance account, bank transfers will incur a charge of $1.95.

Final Thoughts on Instadebit

As alternative payment options go, Instadebit is a strange one. Not because it’s limited to Canadian players only – there are plenty of other national payment systems that operate solely within the borders of one country.

What’s odd about Instadebit is that it’s only truly useful if you’re using an Instadebit balance account. If you’re simply using Instadebit to transfer funds from your bank to, say, a casino account, there aren’t really any benefits to be had.

Admittedly, this method will result in less of your personal data being supplied to the casino than a direct bank transfer, but this seems a minor perk to say the least.

For Canadians who are happy to set up an Instadebit balance account, the company’s service may well prove useful, not least because funds will clear instantly when you use Instadebit to pay for something or to top up your casino account balance. The cheque isn’t dead in Northern America: it’s simply been reinvented for the 21st century in the form of Instadebit.


What is Instadebit?

Instadebit is a money transfer service that must be linked with a Canadian bank account.

How does Instadebit work?

Instadebit can be used to access funds in your Canadian bank account. Alternatively, you can set up an Instadebit balance account.

Where can I use Instadebit?

There are numerous Canadian web-based businesses that accept Instadebit including most of the casinos that hold a Canadian gaming license.

What are the benefits of using Instadebit at a casino?

If you have an Instadebit balance account, funds will transfer instantly into your casino account with no charge. Using Instadebit means you don’t have to share credit card details with the casino.

Can I use Instadebit if I don’t have a Canadian bank account?

No. You must be a Canadian citizen over 18 with a SIN to use the service.

Are there any deposit limits when using Instadebit?

After creating an Instadebit account, you will be given a temporary transaction limit. This will be raised as soon as you’ve verified your bank account however.

Can I withdraw funds from my Instadebit balance account?

Yes, you can withdraw funds to your bank account. The process will take 3-5 days.