Use POLi to Play Roulette

POLi is a payment company that hails from down under – Australia to be precise. Melbourne to be even more precise.

The POLi payment system allows customers to pay for goods and services without the need to whip out their credit card every time they want to make a transaction. By transferring funds from your bank account to POLi, it’s easy to shop online or deposit funds at a web-based casino instantly. Provided you’ve got an internet connection, you can use POLi to play at your favourite casino or sportsbook.

The POLi Story

Most alternative payment providers seem to have started life under a different name before rebranding or being bought out once they matured. So it proves to be with POLi, which was once known as the ultra corporate sounding Centricom.

Due to its geographical origins, POLi enjoys particular traction in Australia and New Zealand. Today it’s owned by SecurePay Holdings which in turn is a subsidiary of Australia Post.

POLi has partnered with a number of leading clients including Virgin Australia, Jetstar, Sportsbet and Sportingbet. It’s less common at sites originating in Europe or the Americas, but in Australasia, POLi is well known. The company, which was founded in 2006, has become many Aussie and New Zealander’s preferred means of sending payments over the web.

Why use POLi?

There are a number of reasons why someone might want to use POLi to shop online, send money to friends or deposit funds with a casino. Living in Australia or New Zealand is pretty much a requisite for anyone thinking of using the service, but that in itself is not a valid reason for using POLi.

If you’re contemplating using POLi, it’s likely because you meet the above criteria and you’re also seeking the convenience and relative anonymity that comes from using an alternative payment service. POLi essentially serves as a buffer between your bank and the final destination for your funds. That’s not to say that POLi is associated with dodgy purchases and transactions; merely that its users value their privacy, among other things.

How to use POLi

POLi can be used at any website where you see the company logo, including a good number of antipodean casinos and sportsbooks. After transferring funds from your bank to POLi, you’ll be able to use these funds in whatever way you like.

There’s no fee for doing so; POLi is free to use, though it’s possible that your bank or the casino you’re using may choose to apply a surcharge of some sort. Provided you have an online bank account, you should be able to use POLi. You can double check though by viewing a complete list of supported banks which can be found on POLi’s website.

One of the best things about using POLi is that there’s no need to register to use it: the service thrives on a few-questions-asked and few-steps-to-complete policy, a move which has endeared it to users, even if banks and other financial institutions have raised an eyebrow at the nature of some of the purposes it’s used for.

New Zealand’s ASB Bank has advised its customers not to use POLi, but there is no evidence to suggest that the “serious security and fraud risks” they warn of are genuine. In its favour, POLi is highly secure, not least because it doesn’t have cause to store sensitive information such as a password or login.

Depositing Funds with POLi at a Casino

POLi, by its nature, is ideal for depositing funds into a casino or other online gambling account. The privacy and convenience of POLi makes it ideal for transactions of this type. While POLi is by no means the most popular alternative payment option to be found at web-based casinos, it’s certainly a common one at casinos with links to Australia or New Zealans, or that are at least licensed to operate in those territories.

Once you’ve created an account at a casino that accepts POLi, log in and head to the deposits page. It may be listed under internet banking. Select POLi and you’ll then see a list of banks to choose from that it’s compatible with. Thereafter you’ll need to log in to your bank account, follow the instructions provided and finalise the transaction. Funds deposited into a casino account using POLi should show up instantly.

The Pros and Cons of POLi

One of the drawbacks to signing up for multiple online casinos – or indeed for signing up for any service on the web – is the inconvenience of having to juggle multiple logins and accounts. Remembering all of these details can be a recipe for disaster, not least when the temptation is to recycle passwords.

The beauty of POLi is that it doesn’t involve creating yet another account and going through a complex or time-consuming verification process. POLi is secure, transactions are fast and it’s very easy to use. The fact that there’s also no charge for using POLi is naturally a bonus.

There are downsides to POLi of course. As mentioned earlier, some banks have concerns about the way in which POLi works, requiring little in the way of identifiable information from its users. This can leave the service open to abuse.

While there’s nothing dodgy about using POLi to deposit funds into a casino account, some customers may prefer not to have evidence of funds flowing from their bank to POLi. POLi’s uses are also constrained by the fact that it is geographically limited, and thus you’re unlikely to find it at a great many European or American casinos.

In Conclusion

POLi is an unusual alternative payment option in that it’s not an e-wallet, but instead is a sort of intermediary form of bank transfer. It’s the middle man between your bank and the merchant or casino. There’s no disputing that the service is convenient and that it avoids much of the complexity that’s generally part and parcel of signing up with a new payment provider.

If awards were dispensed on simplicity alone, POLi would be an outright winner. If you’re an Australian or New Zealand casino member, POLi is a great option, one that provides a degree of anonymity and that negates the need to provide a casino or other gambling website with your card details. POLi’s free, fast and easy to get the hang of.


Who can use POLi?

Anyone with an online bank account that’s listed on POLi’s website can use the service, but it’s mostly used in Australia and New Zealand.

What can I use POLi for?

POLi can be used for sending money and for paying for items online. It’s also ideal for funding casino accounts.

How much can I deposit with POLi?

This depends on the maximum deposit limit set by the casino you’re using. It’s also possible that your bank might set a limit on the amount you can transfer using POLi at any one time.

What is the benefit of using POLi?

POLi allows you to pay for goods and to deposit funds at a casino even if you don’t have a credit card. There’s no need to register to use POLi.

What are the alternatives to POLi?

If you’d like to deposit funds into a casino account but don’t wish to use credit card or bank transfer, an e-wallet is probably your best bet. Try Skrill or Neteller.