UseMyFunds Casinos

How would you like to use your funds – to fund college, buy a house, snap up a pair of designer sunglasses or play a few hands of blackjack? With UseMyFunds, you can use your funds any way you like. Big purchases; small purchases; medium purchases.

Whether you’re a high roller or a small time gambler, the money transfer service can facilitate the movement of your cash from bank to casino. While there’s almost no limit on the way in which UseMyFunds can be used, it’s particularly suited to funding casino accounts. Fancy a spin of the slots or a roll of the roulette wheel? UseMyFunds has got your back.

The Company Behind the Name

Originally known as UseMyBank before undergoing the obligatory name change that characterises all payment services, UseMyFunds provides a quick and easy means of paying for goods and services without the need for a credit card.

UseMyServices Inc is the company behind the concept. They boast of having over 50 years’ experience within the financial sector. Based in Toronto, Ontario, the North American firm have rolled their services out across the web and today they’re available in dozens of countries, from Algeria to Yemen.

Countries Where UseMyFunds Is Available

To become a UseMyFunds customer, you’ll first want to check that the service is available in your territory. While the list of countries with access to UseMyFunds is extensive, it’s by no means exhaustive.

There are a number of major nations represented in UseMyServices’ list however including Canada where they’re based plus the US. The UK is not an option (but there’s plenty of deposit options here for our UK friends) however, though other European nations are.

Visit the UseMyServices website to find out whether UseMyFunds is available in your country; click on the country flag to see a list of online banks that will facilitate money transfer via UseMyFunds.

How UseMyFunds Benefits Casino Players

Getting funds into a casino account isn’t always simple, especially if you live in a country that takes a dim view of gambling such as the US. UseMyFunds enables players from these countries – as well as those from second and third-world countries that don’t have a fully functioning banking structure in place – to safely send money to web-based casinos.

The service may not be free, but it is convenient, allowing players to transfer money with few questions asked.

Transactions are encrypted for maximum security, and the whole service is discreet, which is a boon for players who cherish their privacy for whatever reason.

How to Sign Up for UseMyFunds

There’s a 4-step process required in order to sign up for UseMyFunds. Create an account via the UseMyServices website and you’ll be prompted to enter your country of origin and upload a form of ID. You’ll also need to submit your address and phone number, after which an automated telephone verification service will be used to confirm your details.

Finally, select your online bank from the list on the dropdown menu. When you receive the automated call from UseMyFunds, enter the PIN that’s displayed on the webpage.

How UseMyFunds Works

Since launching in 2002, UseMyFunds has enabled consumers all over the world to pay for services instantly, with funds being drawn straight from their personal bank account. The service is simple to use provided you have access to online banking.

Whether you’re shopping for goods or trying to deposit funds into a casino account, the process works the same way. Select UseMyFunds as the payment option on the site you’re visiting and select the bank or financial institution you wish to send money from.

At this stage you’ll be prompted to enter your ID and login details, confirm the amount and hit Submit. The transaction will be sent instantly to the merchant or casino, enabling your goods to be despatched right away or for you to start playing American or European Roulette instantly.

UseMyFunds is an ideal solution for anyone who either doesn’t have a credit card, has a card but it’s maxed out or simply doesn’t fancy sharing their personal details with casinos and ecommerce stores.

How to Make a Casino Deposit with UseMyFunds

To deposit funds into a casino account, the process is identical to that described above. After visiting the Cashier or Banking page of the casino, select UseMyFunds from the available payment options. Then select your bank from the list provided, enter the amount you wish to transfer and the funds will be sent straight to the casino, enabling you to begin playing without delay.

Naturally, you’ll need to have enough funds in your bank account to cover the amount you wish to transfer.

Pros and Cons of Using UseMyFunds at a Casino

Like any payment method that doesn’t involve typing your credit card number into a webpage, UseMyFunds can justifiably claim to be secure and private. Admittedly, credit card transactions should be equally secure and private providing the website operator is trustworthy and utilises industry standard encryption and other safety procedures.

Should the worst happen, however, and third parties succeeded in breaching a site’s defences, they would be able to do a lot more damage with credit card data.

UseMyFunds may not be completely impregnable, but without knowing your online banking details, there’s little that thieves could do.

It’s not just about preventing theft of course: UseMyFunds is equally beneficial if you’re looking to conceal your gambling activity from employers, government agencies, family or anyone else who has no business looking into your affairs. The fact that UseMyFunds transactions clear instantly, unlike wire transfer, is also a bonus.

There are disadvantages to using the service too though. For one thing, there are many countries including the UK where it’s not available. In addition, there’s a $1 fee for using UseMyFunds’ PAD service and a $2.50 or 2.5% charge for IPIN transactions. UseMyFunds may be convenient but it isn’t without cost.

Alternatives to UseMyFunds

If you begrudge paying a commission every time you wish to pay for good and services with UseMyFunds – or alternatively if your bank isn’t partnered with UseMyFunds – there are alternative payment options available.

Neteller and Skrill are the two most popular alternative payment options at casinos, but there are also regional services such as InstaDebit and POLi available, the former for Canadian customers and the latter for Australians and New Zealanders.

Usemyfunds Summed Up

If you’re a casino player in the habit of making regular deposits, the costs of each UseMyFunds transaction can stack up and wipe out your profits or exacerbate your losses.

There’s no disputing that it’s a handy option, but think of it as a last resort if you’re unable to use other payment methods that are free to use.

In its favour, because credit cards can’t be used to send money via UseMyFunds, the service doesn’t promote running up credit card debt. Only debit cards can be linked, ensuring that the only funds you spend are the funds you have in your bank.


What is UseMyFunds?

UseMyFunds is a payment service that’s linked to your online bank account.

Who can use UseMyFunds?

Check the UseMyServices website for a full list of countries and banks that UseMyFunds is partnered with.

Does it cost anything to send money with UseMyFunds?

Yes. The service charges a commission with every transfer you make.

How long does it take payments sent via UseMyFunds to clear?

Funds should clear instantly.

What are the advantages of UseMyFunds?

It’s quick, easy and discreet. If you don’t have a credit card, UseMyFunds is a helpful alternative.