Card Roulette (888)

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Gaming giants 888 have created an online casino game that will appeal to both card game lovers and roulette enthusiasts. Card Roulette is exactly what it suggests it is; a card game mixed with the fun and excitement of the roulette wheel.

Where other companies have combined both card and roulette, they have done so to reflect a European or American roulette game- but Card Roulette from 888 is completely different. The aim of the game remains the same – guess what you think the ball will land on to win.

This unique twist on the roulette game provides added excitement and plenty of winning possibilities.

Card Roulette (888)

4 votes

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Gaming rules

To play the game is really very simple, you study the statistics and try to guess where you think the ball will come to rest. Use the betting table provided to place your chips on the table. When you have placed your desired bet, you can start the game. The ball will automatically shoot onto the roulette wheel and come to rest in one of the 54 different pockets of the wheel. All winning bets will be paid out instantly.

Different game

When you think of roulette, you automatically think of European roulette with 37 pockets to its wheel or the American roulette version with 38 pockets – but with Card Roulette there are increased section to the wheel; a total of 54 different pockets to choose from. These represent the 54 different cards available in a standard deck of cards – including the jokers. So, not only are there additional pockets giving you more chances to win but you can place your bets on even more betting options, such as betting on two or four cards of a particular suit – to give you even more chances of winning. Other betting options allow you place bets on odd and even or black and red. Bet low, middle or high too. There is a paytable situated on the screen that allows you to view the possible returns on each bet on offer. The easier the bet – the less you will receive but the riskier the bet – the more you will receive in winnings.

Returns and odds

Card Roulette features a return to player (RTP) percentage of 96.3%.

Spinning strategy

Use the statistics that are available on your screen to try and predict where the ball will come to rest. There are no skills involved as Card Roulette is based on a game of chance.

Where can I play?

888 offers all the combined fun of cards and roulette in one thrilling title and you can access the game over at 888 Games.

US permitted?

US players are not able to access the game.

Other games by software provider

When it comes to online casino games, 888 are one the leading names in this field. Founded in 1997, it offers five core brands; 888 Casino, 888 Poker, 888 Bingo, 888 Sport and 888 Games. The company boasts a catalogue of hundreds of thrilling casino games ranging from table games to online slots. Popular titles on offer at 888 Games include exclusive titles; Jacks Pot, Millionaire Genie and Pirates Millions.

Our verdict

Card Roulette is a great alternative to standard roulette – one that offers so many different chances to win via carious betting options. Bet limits are varied to suit individual budgets and the amount you can win can make for some eye-watering reading. When you have placed your desired stake, you will be able to see your potential returns via the paytable. You can access this thrilling game via desktop and mobile devices with no downloading required.

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