Card Roulette (Gtech)

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Roulette is probably one of the most recognised and most popular online casino games to play, so it’s no surprise to see that there are so many different varieties available. All roulette games on offer are standard roulette games with little tweaks here and there – but companies are now starting to create roulette games that are combining other popular table games.

GTECH are a renowned global company that specialise in online casino games ranging from table games to online slots, but now they have put their efforts into creating something unique that will attract lots of different players. Card Roulette from GTECH combines the thrill of the roulette wheel with a card game – which will appeal to table games lovers and roulette enthusiasts.

Card Roulette (Gtech)

2 votes

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Play to the rules

Card Roulette features a roulette wheel that has been specifically designed to represent a deck of 54 playing cards. Each pocket of the wheel will be numbered from 1 to 10 with J, Q, K and A of each of the four suits; clubs, diamonds, spades and hearts plus the two jokers. Predict where you think the ball will land to win – it’s simple. There are different chip denominations placed on a scrolling wheel feature to the lower of your screen – use the arrows until you come across the value of the chip you wish to use, then click this to drag it onto the table. The game will commence when you are happy with your chosen bet.

What’s the difference?

Roulette games more often than not feature a European roulette wheel with 37 different pockets with one single zero or the American version of 38 pockets with a single zero and double zero. But, Card Roulette has 54 pockets for each card you would find in a standard deck pf playing cards – inclusive of the two jokers. Your screen is laid out completely different to roulette – the centre of the table is your virtual roulette wheel with the four betting options surround the wheel; odds, evens, face and joker. To the right of the wheel are the red betting options with the black options to the left. To the top of the screen is where you will find 5 cards placed face down. There are options to the lower of the screen on the control panel that allow you to double up your bets and play in turbo mode.

RTP and limits

Card Roulette has a return to player (RTP) percentage of 96.3%. Betting limits start at 1.00 and can be increased up to a maximum of 100.00.

Dealing strategy?

With Card Roulette, the outcome of the game can be any one of 54 different cards – so there are less chances of hitting a win, compared to standard European roulette. But, with more pockets to the wheel comes more betting options which will appeal to many players.

Where is the game on offer?

Casino Club is just one online casino to offer this thrilling version of roulette from GTECH.

US allowed?

Card Roulette from GTECH is just one of the games available to US residents.

Other games by software provider

GTECH specialise in bingo, slots, table games, video poker, casino games, live dealer games and lottery games across various platforms; such as desktop and mobile devices. Popular titles offered by the company include; French Roulette Core, Blackjack 21 and Casino Hold’em. Thrilling slots include; Deal or No Deal World Slot, Fortunes of Egypt and Detective Chronicles.

What we think

GTECH have put a lot of effort into creating a unique game that will appeal to card and roulette lovers alike. The game is simple to play and offers additional betting options compared to standard roulette. Thanks to the turbo mode feature, you can play games at your own pace – no sitting back waiting for the countdown timer, this is a feature that we love.

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