Deal or No Deal Roulette (Endemol)

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Endemol are the developers behind the Deal or No Deal Roulette game, which is based on the smash hit television game show of the same name.

Based on the popular European Roulette wheel with just the one zero, Deal or No Deal Roulette allows you to play a unique twist on the conventional game. There is the inclusion of a bonus bet with two bonus rounds – so will you decide to be brave and go all the way to big wins? Or will you fold when the tough gets going?

Deal or No Deal Roulette (Endemol)

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Spin the wheel

It’s important to remember that Deal or No Deal Roulette is a European roulette wheel, so all the standard bets are available with their normal odds.

Once you have chosen your desired bet, you have the ability to place a Bonus Bet. To win you have to guess correctly where the ball will land to get a return – but with the inclusion of the bonuses, you have the potential to win even more.

What’s so special?

Unlike other roulette wheels, Deal or no Deal Roulette has two rings to its wheel; the inner has the numbers 0 through to 37 whilst the second ring on the outer wheel has plenty of blank spaces with a red Deal or No Deal box and a black telephone – the famous bankers telephone.

If during any spin of the wheel, the red Deal or No Deal box stops right next to the ball – you will then get to play the bonus round.

There is also a bonus feature for when the ball lands right next to the black telephone symbol too.

Red bonus explained

This bonus contains a total of 22 red boxes (just like it does on the gameshow), with the following wins; 3, 5, 6, 9, 11, 13, 16, 17, 19, 21, 26, 41, 41, 51, 61, 71, 76, 81, 91, 101, 126 and 151. You simply choose a box to keep as your own which will be placed to one side and pick another 6 to open. The banker will then offer a prize for you to ‘deal’ on, this will see you trade your unopened box for the value stated on your screen. If you choose to carry on, you will open five more boxes to get another offer and you will keep going until you are left with one box and your original box.

Black telephone bonus explained

There are three boxes shown on your screen – you simply pick one to reveal an amount that you may win on your next spin. Spin the wheel and you will be offered an amount that represents the number the ball lands on. You can either accept the value or refuse to spin again. For as long as you continue to refuse an offer, you will continue to spin and go back to picking a box untill all three boxes have been opened.


Just like European Roulette, the best odds will come from the straight up bets which offers 35 to 1.

Split offer 17 to 1 and street bets offer 11 to 1. Corner bets offer 8 to 1, line bets offer 5 to 1, dozen bets or column bets offer 2 to 1 with red or black, even or odd and low or high have a return of 1 to 1.

Strategy for the player

You will need to try and trigger a bonus frequently in order to be guaranteed some sort of return on your stake. The outer ring of the wheel has more blanks than bonus symbols, so it’s obvious it won’t be triggered too often.

Mobile compatibility

You are only able to play this game via desktop or laptop devices.

Available to US?

Residents of the US are not permitted to play this game.

Other games by software provider

Endemol specialise in TV show branded games, with other titles on offer such as Deal or No Deal Blackjack, Catch Phrase slot, Big Brother slot and The Money Drop slot.


Deal or No Deal Roulette is a welcomed edition to the table game industry and the inclusion of two bonus rounds adds even more excitement and winning possibilities. If you are a fan of the television gameshow and roulette in general – this one is certainly worth a shot.

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