Double Ball Roulette (Evolution Gaming)

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Double Ball Roulette is a world-first and it’s from software giants Evolution Gaming. This live dealer casino game won’t be found from any other software company. Double Ball Roulette is an exciting and unique game that not only plays out live before your very eyes, but delivers two winning numbers in a single spin. There are many live dealers who take turns to bring all the fun of the game to your screen.

Evolution Gaming have teamed up with Games Marketing to deliver a premium roulette game. Take a seat at the table and your live dealer will interact with you through your computer screen. When you have placed your bets, the dealer will start the game and produce two winning outcomes. The atmosphere is superb and allows you to think that you are in a real casino.

Double Ball Roulette (Evolution Gaming)

17 votes

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Compare Double Ball Roulette to other online roulette games and there are many similarities and big differences at the same time. Firstly, this European roulette game features 37 pockets; a single zero and numbers 1 to 36. Place your bets by using the chip denominations on your table and sit back.

The dealer will shoot two balls onto the roulette wheel and they will sit in two pockets to provide double the chances of winning. This unique game also offers the chances to win big payouts of up to 1,300 to 1 – what’s not to love?

So, how do you win 1,300 to 1? Well, standard European roulette games offer a high of 35 to 1 for a straight bet, but with Double Ball Roulette you have two differences;

  • 35 to 1 offered for two balls on any number
  • 1,300 to 1 for two balls on selected number.


Other bets offered will be doubled if both balls land on your bet;

  • Straight up: 17 to 1
  • Split: 8 to 1
  • Street: 5 to 1
  • Corner: 3.5 to 1
  • Line: 2 to 1


The betting table is displayed on what looks to be a computer screen – there is no virtual or real table cloth – just your betting options displayed to the lower of your screen. The camera will focus in on the wheel as the timer counts down. If you are yet to place your bets, the betting table will open up to the middle of the screen in front of the wheel. When you are done placing your bets, the dealer will spin those two balls onto the roulette wheel.

The return to player (RTP) for Double Ball Roulette is 97.30%.


If you love the fast-paced roulette spinning game and would like more chances to win in each spin, you will love Double Ball Roulette from Evolution Gaming. All your usual bets are there, such as straight, split and column – but you have better chances to win. The atmosphere you get with this game is second to none and has a community feel to it.

Where can I Play?

At present, Double Ball Roulette is only available to play at Unibet Casino, but it will no doubt be added to other Evolution Gaming casinos in the near future.

Unfortunately, US residents cannot access this game.

Device Compatibility

You are only able to access Double Ball Roulette via a desktop computer. When you launch the game, it will load instantly in your browser with no downloading required.

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