Double Up Roulette (NetPlay TV)

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Double Up Roulette from NetPlayTV offers players the chance to play live online casino games that offer two games in one; Roulette Express and Roulette Express Premium. Double Up Roulette brings you twice the betting chances and twice the fun. These games are designed to bring the casino floor into your home, but without the need to dress up. The games are fast and highly entertaining and offer a new take on the online roulette community.

With two wheels spinning in each game, you will have even more chances to win and numerous betting options in which to place your stakes on. The live casino atmosphere that’s offered with Double Up Roulette is second to none and offers plenty of chances to win.

Double Up Roulette has numerous presenters; 5 male and 4 female – all of which will play the game out live on your computer screens and on Channel 5 from midnight every night, until 4 in the morning.

Double Up Roulette (NetPlay TV)

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What’s Different?

Unlike other live casino games, Double Up Roulette is aired live on television and on your desktop devices. You can watch and interact with the live dealers through your computer and watch them on your television – who else offers that?

Double Up Roulette is a standard European game and offers the standard betting options. Each game there are two wheels in play and it’s up to you whether to bet on each wheel – if you do, you will have twice the chances of winning. The wheel’s spin simultaneously, so they will each offer different outcomes (unless the ball should land in the same pocket that is). The wheels are not synchronised, so this offers more anticipation and thrills as your play.

Each wheel has 37 pockets with numbers 1 through to and including 36 in red and black and a single zero in green. The betting options on offer allow you to place bets such as straight up (which offers the biggest return of 35 to 1) and column bets. Minimum et is 1.00 whilst maximum bets are set at 1,000. You will find betting limits a lot lower than 1,000 for straight up bets – due to it offering the biggest payout.

Use the various options on your screen to get your desired angle and then use the chips to place your bets.

The house edge for Double Up Roulette is 2.70%.

Our Verdict

NetPlayTV have created something unique with Double Up Roulette – not only can you play two roulette wheels at once, but you also get the chance to watch the games unfold live on television. There’s no skills required, you simply guess where you think the ball will land and the inclusion of statistics on the screen should help you make the right decisions. Remember, with two wheels, comes two lots of bets – that means more money being spent per game.

Where Can I Play?

Jackpot27 and Super Casino are two online casinos’ that offer Double Up Roulette. You can also view and play via the television; Channel 5 from midnight every night.

US residents cannot play Double Up Roulette.

Compatible Device

Players can access the thrills and spins of Double Up Roulette via a desktop device. Mobile and tablet devices are not compatible with this game. Flash technology allows the game to load effortlessly without the need for downloads.

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