French Roulette Pro (SkillOnNet)

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SKillOnNet are the creators of French Roulette Pro – a game that offers the same structure and layout as the popular French Roulette but with added betting options and three different betting limits.

There is nothing complex when it comes to playing online roulette – no matter what version you play, but you may find that you wish to have a practice before staking your hard earned cash – SkillOnNet allow players to have practice of this thrilling game via a demo version.

French Roulette Pro (SkillOnNet)

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Are they all the same?

You are probably thinking that French roulette no matter what individual company’s call it, are the same as every other French roulette game available, but you’d be wrong in thinking that. French Roulette Pro from SkillOnNet has two special rules that separate it from other variants of the game.

To start with, the layout of the wheel is standard – it has 37 different numbered pockets from 1 to 36 with a single zero in green. Some French roulette games offer different designs of the table, such as betting options in French – but SkillOnNet have kept things simple; English betting options on an easy to read table.

Different rules and bets?

Aside from the usual bets you can expect to find with French Roulette, such as:

  • Pair which consists of even numbers
  • Impair: that offers odd numbers
  • Manque: is the lowest numbers featured of 1 to 18
  • Passe: focuses on the highest numbers of 19 to 36
  • Premiere 12: is the first dozen of 1 to 12
  • Moyenne 12: is the middle dozen of 13 to 24
  • Derniere 12: focuses on the final dozen of 25 to 36.

Players can benefit from the La Partage and En Prison rules for this game. La Partage is automatically offered when the ball lands in the pocket of zero. All even money bets are divided into two, where half of the original wager is returned to the player. This rule sees the house edge being brought down to 1.35%.

En Prison is a little bit more complex. When the ball lands in zero, the croupier will place a marker over all even money bets and place that bet in prison for the next spin – so technically you are betting on the outcome being a zero again on the next spin. If it comes in – only the original bet is returned, but you will lose the lot should a zero not come in next time.

Reduced house edge

Due to the betting rule of La Partage, the house edge is reduced from 2.70% to 1.35%.

Betting perks

French Roulette Pro from SkillOnNet has introduced a three-tier betting limit for the player to choose from. These are classed as Standard, from 1.00 to 300.00; High rollers, for 5.00 to 500.00; VIP limits, from 10.00 to 1,500.

Mobile friendly

Mobile and tablet users can access French Roulette Pro on the go with no downloads required.

US accepted?

Residents of the US are welcome to play French Roulette Pro from SkillOnNet.

Other games by software provider

SKillOnNet are a leading software provider and offer a variety of games such as table games, video poker, live casino, slots and more. Popular titles include; Vegas 6,000, Troy Super Spin, Mega Nudge 8,000 and Safe Hackers.

Worth a go?

SKillOnNet have produced a roulette game that suits the high rollers amongst you. If you don’t like to be restricted when it comes to betting limits, you are in control to some degree by playing French Roulette Pro.

Before the game begins, you chose your betting level and that will remain in place until you wish to either decrease or increase your limits.

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