Key Bet Roulette (Barcrest)

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Barcrest have released a thrilling version of roulette – one that can dish out up to 25,000 on a single spin. Take your usual roulette table, throw in an extra section on the wheel and give players control of their bets and that’s when things get interesting.

Barcrest/WMS have been leading the way in online casino games since 1942 and have a portfolio of games to suit all tastes and budgets. Their latest release Key Bet Roulette is taking the internet by storm as it offers more than your usual roulette game.

Key Bet Roulette (Barcrest)

27 votes

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How do we play?

Take your standard European roulette wheel and tweak things a little to get Key Bonus Roulette. There are 38 pockets on the wheel; a single zero, numbers 1 through to 36 and a golden pocket labelled ‘Key Bets’ – this section is housed between the black 10 and red 5. Running around the outside of the wheel is a section full of multipliers; POT (awards the pot value shown on the screen), x35, x40, x20, x50, x30, x40, x25, x50, x30, x45 and x 20. Players can control their betting screen to show the full table to bet on or they can switch to betting on the wheel. There are betting options to the lower of the screen along with your balance, total bet plus message bar displaying numbers and useful info to help you place your bet. To the top of the wheel is a Pot – this is where you can win big money. Place your bets from the options displayed – this includes betting on the Key Bet section of the wheel. Press spin and the lights will run around the very outside of the wheel to show what prize will be awarded; either a multiplier or the POT, then all that’s left to do is wait for the outcome of the game. Generally speaking, the Key Bet section is a side bet that you can choose to place alongside your usual bet – or you can just bet on that section if you wish.


Players can choose to play low, medium or high stakes – high allows you to place bets of up to 25.00 on a single number and a maximum of 250.00 on the Key Bet. If the ball lands on your chosen bet – you will be awarded the multiplier that was shown prior to the start of the game, or the POT if this was highlighted to begin with.

Easy to play?

Key Bet Roulette is so simple to play; you just select your bets and wait until you win. The buttons allow you to place bets with ease as it gives the option to repeat the last bet. The message bar will tell you how many calls since the last POT was called and the previous numbers that won.


Estimated return to player (RTP) percentage is 94.74%, but this increases to 95.34% by playing the Key Bet.

Roulette on the go?

Key Bet Roulette is optimised for desktop and laptop devices, but you can access it via your mobile or tablet device.

US players

Residents of the US are not permitted to play this game.

Key to winning?

Not all versions of roulette are great, but we think Barcrest have hit the nail on the head with their roulette version. The graphics are great and the player interface is superb, throw in the multiplier values and a huge pot worth up to 25,000 and you’ve created the perfect game.

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