Live Automatic Roulette La Partage (NetEnt)

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Live Automatic Roulette La Partage is a thrilling version of roulette brought to you by gaming giants NetEnt. This unique live casino game is based on a standard European roulette game, so plays by those same rules but what makes this roulette game different to its competitors is the fact that it has an automated wheel with no dealer – but it’s classed as a live casino game due to it being live streamed from their exclusive studio.

Thanks to a realistic setup, you get that real casino experience in your own home. Despite there being no dealer, you will hear a female voice during gameplay, she will encourage you to place your bets, call no more bets and announce the winning outcome.

Live Automatic Roulette La Partage (NetEnt)

3 votes

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What’s Different?

To be completely honest, the only difference with Live Automatic Roulette La Partage is the fact that you receive half your bet back if the ball lands in the zero pocket – even if you haven’t place a winning bet. The player interface is superb though and allows you to make your bets with ease.

The roulette wheel sits to the centre of the screen with the betting table beneath it. To the right of the wheel is where the hot and cold numbers sit and the racetrack – click the racetrack to place Tiers, Orphelins and Voisins du Zero bets. To the left of the wheel you will find your betting statistics such as bet, wins and balance.

The lower of the table is where the five chip denominations sit, these allow you to place your bets from as little as 1.00 up to 20,000 – which is perfect for high rollers. Placing your bets can be done by clicking your desired chip and then clicking the area of the table where you’d’ like to place that chip. Bets can be placed whilst the green and yellow ‘Place Your Bet’ message is visible on your screen.

Click the mini lobby to the left of the betting table and you will be shown options such as the rules, paytable, history and you can even adjust the audio and video to suit you.

Due to the La Partage rule in place, Live Automatic Roulette La Partage lowers the usual house edge from 2.70% down to 1.35%.

Our Summary

Live Automatic Roulette La Partage is ideal for roulette players who don’t want to be distracted by the glamorous looking dealers. Thanks to the audio, you still get the same great player experience without the croupier there to distract you. This version of roulette allows for bets up to 2,500 a spin and offers lots of betting options including the ‘Double all Bets’ feature – this is perfect for players following the Martingale roulette strategy.

Casino’s Offering This Game

Bet Victor Casino and Mr Green are two online casinos’ offering Live Automatic Roulette La Partage to its players.

Resident of the US are not permitted to play Live Automatic Roulette La Partage.

Device Compatibility

NetEnt have created Live Automatic Roulette La Partage to load on desktop, mobile and tablet devices with no downloading of software or apps required. Enjoy the thrills of this roulette game across all devices, but you will get a better gaming experience via desktop, as the screen is far bigger and allows you to view the whole betting area.

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