Magic Roulette (Merkur)

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Merkur have created a roulette game that not only gives you the thrills of the original game, but they’ve added what they think is an exciting twist and it really must be tried.

Merkur are renowned for creating many different types of casino games, but Magic Roulette is like nothing we’ve come across before. There are plenty of versions of roulette available – especially on the internet, but we guarantee you that you’ve not come across one as exciting and simple as Magic Roulette before.

Magic Roulette (Merkur)

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What’s it all about?

Magic Roulette features just 13 pockets; numbers 1 to and including 12 and a single zero. Despite the limited numbers available, the wining potential can run between 9x and 1,000x your original stake.

How do we play?

By using the stake button to the lower right of the screen, you can select a value that you are comfortable with. Place your chips on the table and press the spin button. The betting table will vanish and a computerised roulette wheel will emerge onto your screen. The numbers on the wheel in clockwise order are; 0, 5, 11, 3, 7, 1, 9, 8, 2, 10, 6, 12 and 4. The inner wheel has five sections; win 1,000x, win 9x, win 100x, win 15x and win 12x.

If you win, the inner wheel will come into play and land on a multiplier value that will be added to your stake.

Gamble or not?

Merkur have added another little twist to their version of roulette – a gamble option. Once you have hit a win on the wheel you will be given the option to collect or gamble. Take too long in deciding and your winnings are automatically added to your balance.

If you choose to gamble, you will be shown a ladder of cash values – hit the light right to jump up the ladder – hit it wrong and you will fall down the ladder until you lose. Again, just like the gamble option, if you take too long playing the gamble round you lose the lot!

Place your bets

Players are restricted somewhat when it comes to stakes, because the minimum chip size is 0.20 and the maximum is 10.00. The table will only allow maximum bets of 26.00. Now, because the way the game has been designed, players can bet on every single number on the wheel – although you are guaranteed a win, you are not always guaranteed a win.

We staked 1.00 on every option of the wheel – this was a total of a 13.00 stake. We won every time, but the multiplier would always seem to return a 12x multiplier – so we lose 1.00 every turn. If you can win hit a multiplier of 15x or more, then you will be guaranteed a return on your money.

Easy wins?

Magic Roulette allows you to win every time, but in reality, you are only winning if you can make a profit on your original stake.

Magic mobile

You are only able to enjoy Magic Roulette via a desktop device.

US play

US residents cannot play Magic Roulette.

Other games by software provider

Merkur have an extensive range of games to play, these include slots and casino games. Titles on offer include; Bahama Roulette, Champions Poker and Coin of Gods.

Win win

What we love about Magic Roulette is the fact that it is a simple game to play with complete players control. Yes, you can win in every spin of the wheel which is an added incentive – but you are not always going to win. Magic Roulette is game that can fool players into parting with their cash – but it can also award huge cash up to 1,000x your stake.

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