Roulette Pro (GamesOs)

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Roulette Pro is a version of online roulette from GamesOs – a company who specialise in providing online casino games to various casinos. This version of roulette is based on the popular European roulette – a game that is enjoyed throughout the world. Indeed, there are many different types of roulette so it’s hard to know which game will suit your budget, so it’s good to look around and get a feel of every game that’s on offer.

What makes Roulette Pro stand out from the competition? Maybe it’s the enhanced graphics, or it could be the pre-programmed betting options, but it could even be the casino special bets on offer. Consider yourself to be a casino aficionado? You will love GamesOs’ version especially with its running statistics on offer.

Roulette Pro (GamesOs)

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Is it straight-forward?

Roulette Pro is your standard European roulette game, so that means the wheel features 37 different pockets with a single zero. By studying the statistics on offer, you need to correctly guess where you think the ball will come to rest in the wheel – if you can do this, you will receive a cash amount in return, based on your stake.


Despite its name, Roulette Pro is a very basic game with basic graphics. The game focuses on the betting table with the motionless roulette wheel to the left of the table. Your bet limits are displayed next to the chips with a control panel allowing special bets. Chip denominations are; 1.00, 5.00, 10.00, 25.00 and 100.00 and these can be used to place your bets. To the lower left of the screen you will find a menu that offers special bets – this is what separates Roulette Pro to the other varieties of roulette available. Place splits, black diamonds, red snake and finals. You will find the racetrack of bets situated to the top of the table. The layout of the table makes it easy to place your bets and the ability to save your favourite bets and autospin the wheel makes it a popular choice.

House edge and limits

Roulette Pro allows a minimum of 1.00 and a maximum of 500.00 – but straight up bets cannot exceed 5.00 in value – to stop players making big cash from this 35 to 1 betting option.

Roulette strategy

By using the statistic table on your screen, you can analyse what numbers are coming out more often than others plus you can see which of those numbers that are the least likely to come out. Roulette Pro is not suited to high roller as it has a cap on straight up bets of a measly 5.00, so you will have to stagger your bets across many options in the hope of returning some decent cash.

Available devices

If you want to play Roulette Pro, you will have to do so via a desktop device.

US players

Roulette Pro is not available to players from the US.

Other GamesOS games

GamesOs specialise in card games, table games, poker, slots and arcade games with many different titles on offer. Popular games from GamesOs include; Sic Bo, Craps, Face the Ace and Maya Wheel of Luck.

Overall summary

There are so many different roulette games on offer and to us, the only thing that makes Roulette Pro stand out from the many other varieties is the additional betting options. The graphics and player interface are great, but you can find this same detail on other roulette games. High rollers will feel restricted with the low betting limits offered, so we feel this game will only suit those roulette enthusiasts who love to bet low stakes and conserve their losses.

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