Zoom Roulette (Betsoft)

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Betsoft are the creators of Zoom Roulette and it’s a game that brings a whole new level of excitement to an already thrilling table game. Take your average roulette game and pack it full of exclusive features and the possibility of getting even bigger chip limits than stated and you have a game that’s worlds apart from other online roulette games.

Thanks to 3D graphics, the latest technology and a soundtrack that Miles Davis would be proud of – you will be able to play a roulette game that’s among the best that can be played.

Zoom Roulette (Betsoft)

40 votes

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Zooming good fun

You will find a European roulette wheel that plays to those same rules with Zoom roulette. Nothing complicated or complex about this variant of roulette. Whether you’ve played roulette before or not – you will know that in order to win, you have to place chip denominations onto the betting table. A ball will be thrown onto the wheel and will spin around in an anti-clockwise direct, until it stops in one of the 37 pockets within the wheel.

What makes it different?

The difference with this game is hidden in the name; Zoom Roulette – it has a zoom feature that makes this game totally unique. Your game screen is divided into two sections. The top half is where the betting table sits with the roulette wheel partially on show to the lower of the screen. Chip denominations are housed to the left of the betting table with repeat and clear buttons to the right. With the betting table you have the racetrack of French bets to the top of the table with your balance and various options surrounding it. Click the history button and you will be shown a simple display panel of the winning numbers. This should make it easier to place your bets. There is a table limit in place of 500.00 – but if you are a high roller, these limits can be increased with the discretion of the manager. If you are wishing to place higher bets than those stated, launch the live chat feature with the casino you are playing at and they will see what they can do. If you consider yourself to be a jazz fan, you will enjoy the music being played as you place your bets. If it gets a bit much you do have the option to switch it off, but it adds a touch of a calming atmosphere to your game.

Limits and edge

Betting limits are set to a minimum of 3.00 and a maximum of 500.00 – but these are negotiable. The house edge is 2.70% with standard European roulette.

Roulette strategy

As with all roulette games, the aim of the game is to predict where the ball will rest and make as much money as possible. Straight up bets are perfect for hitting big returns as this bet offers the biggest pay of 35 to 1.

Compatible devices

Zoom Roulette from Betsoft can only be accessed via a desktop and will load instantly in your browser.

US permitted

Good news – Betsoft have created Zoom Roulette to be accessed by US residents.

Other games on offer

When it comes to online casino games, Betsoft specialise in 3D games which can be played through flash. Popular slot titles include; Madder Scientist, Mega King, Once Upon a Time and Lucky 7.

What we think

Zoom Roulette is a great addition to the online roulette community, offering something a little bit different and more relaxing to what you are probably used to. There are plenty of opportunities to win and you don’t need to be a skilled roulette player to enjoy this game.

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