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In today’s mobile world, it is only a slight exaggeration to say that the universe runs on Android. This mobile operating system, now developed by Google, powers more touchscreen mobile devices than any other OS in the world. That makes it the perfect platform for playing online roulette, as many online casinos have been able to develop their own Android apps even outside of traditional app stores. Offering a stable and secure experience, Android has proven to be one of the best platforms available for mobile gaming.

Today, playing Android roulette is a simple process, with many options available to users. Many instant play casinos are fully Android compatible, while other casinos will allow you to install their apps directly to your device. With almost every iGaming website now offering Android support, you can play roulette online from your Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy smartphone, or your favorite LG tablet at hundreds of reputable casinos, making it easier than ever to enjoy the convenience of online roulette either from your home or on the go.

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    Not surprisingly, the platform has attracted its share of casinos and gaming companies looking to bring roulette and other wares to the sizeable Android market. If you’re an owner of an Android device, you can play roulette and other casino games on the go, enjoying the feature-rich and immersive experience that comes as standard. And to safe you some time, we’ve did our homework and picked out our top recommended casinos below to get you started.

    The Story of Android

    Based on the Linux kernel, Android was Google’s attempt at an operating system for touchscreen devices. Like any new product, it had its share of bugs to be ironed out when it debuted in 2007 – the same year as the iPhone was launched interestingly. Although slower to take off than the iPhone, Android use quietly crept up and by 2013 there were over 1 million apps available in the Google Play store. By 2015, Android was installed on 1.4 billion active devices.

    Each year, Android update their operating system, advancing it another letter in the alphabet and another confectionery name at the same time. KitKat gave way to Lollipop, Lollipop gave way to Marshmallow and, in December 2016, Marshmallow gave way to Nougat. The most recent Android updates include improved battery life and introduce Google Now, the company’s voice activated personal assistant. If you’re planning to install a roulette or casino app on your Android device, it’s not essential that you have the most recent OS installed. Nevertheless, if your phone’s running anything older than KitKat, you may experience compatibility issues. For many reasons including performance it’s wise to update to the latest version of Android if it’s available on your touchscreen device.

    Playing Roulette on an Android Device

    If you’re keen to play roulette on your Android phone or tablet, there are a couple of options available to you. You could choose to play in-browser, using the Chrome browser that comes installed by default to access any web-based casino.

    Many casinos have a mobile-friendly design, with games that are optimised for smaller screens and capable of displaying in landscape or portrait. The other way to play roulette on your Android is by visiting the Google Play store and downloading an app.

    The Play store is stocked with hundreds of roulette and general casino apps. Browse through the available apps and you’ll be presented with an embarrassment of riches. If the sheer choice is overwhelming, you may wish to check out your favourite online casinos and see if they offer an Android app instead. This is particularly beneficial if you’re seeking an app that lets you play for real money.

    Not all Android apps are free – developers are perfectly entitled to charge money for them – but in the case of roulette, it’s unlikely you’ll be asked to pay. The payment part comes later, when you decide to fund your roulette account.

    Free Play vs Paid Play on Android

    While you get used to roulette – not that there’s a whole lot to learn – it’s prudent to play in free mode. That way, each loss you incur on the table won’t lighten your wallet. It’ll also give you a chance to get a feel for the various betting options and examine the game’s inner workings. Only once you’re ready should you consider playing for real money.

    That said, if you’re an experienced gambler used to playing roulette, you may wish to cut to the chase and play for money from the get-go.

    Funding a Roulette Account on Android

    The app might be free to download, but to win serious money playing roulette you’ve got to be prepared to invest some of your own first. While no one enjoys dipping into their own pocket unnecessarily, there is a silver lining when it’s a casino account you’re funding: often there’s a welcome bonus in store. If so, expect to receive a bonus match of 100% or occasionally even more on your first deposit, depending on the casino in question.

    Don’t get carried away by the level of bonus that’s on offer however; choose a roulette app that will serve your needs on an ongoing basis. This means choosing one that’s easy to use and which features convenient payment methods.

    Depending on the app in question, you may find such deposit methods as credit card, bank transfer, e-wallet, prepaid card and Bitcoin. Pick a method which matches your need for speed and privacy and send the desired sum to your casino account. As soon as the funds have cleared you’ll be able to start betting with real cash and reaping real rewards when your numbers come in.

    Win a sum of money while playing roulette and you’ll be able to withdraw it, generally using the same method as was used to make the initial deposit. There may be a waiting period of a couple of days before your winnings are released however.

    The Pros and Cons of Playing on Android

    It’s certainly handy being able to play casino games such as roulette on the go, using your Android device to place your bet and spin the wheel with the flick of a touchscreen. You don’t have to be playing roulette in far flung places – your front room is fine – but it’s nice to have the option of roaming, dabbling in a dash of roulette to liven up long journeys and rainy evenings.

    Due to the popularity of the Android operating system, it’s not hard to find a decent roulette app that will let you play for real money.

    In playing an app-based version of roulette rather than a web-based one, you can expect to enjoy higher quality graphics, sound and animations. There might even be tournament play that’s off-limits to web-based players. Not all casinos develop Android apps of course, so there’ll be some sites you like the look of who don’t offer suitable software. Live casino play is also best experienced on a larger screen, such as a PC monitor, rather than on a small smartphone. Most of the time, though, Android is ideal for games such as roulette, providing a stable platform for casino applications that allows you to wager with real money.

    What are the hardware requirements to play roulette on Android?

    If you’re downloading a roulette app from the Google Play store, your device should ideally be running an OS no older than Android KitKat. It will also need enough storage space to accommodate the roulette app.

    How is playing roulette on an Android app better than playing online?

    Graphics are likely to be of a higher quality when playing an Android roulette app as opposed to playing roulette in-browser.

    How do I deposit and withdraw funds using my Android device?

    Log in to your casino app and click on the cashier option. Here you’ll find a selection of deposit and withdrawal options. Select your preferred method and funds will clear instantly into your roulette account with most payment options.

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