How Unique Do You think You Are?

It’s certainly good to be different from everybody else in the room, but how unique are you really? Our infographic, complete with odds and fun facts, will tell you whether you’re the odd duck in town by looking at standard British patterns and trends in society today.

Let’s start off with your appearance; what colour eyes do you have? Brown is the genetically dominant eye colour. Blue eye colour didn’t exist before someone experienced a genetic mutation between 6,000 and 10,000 years ago, which means that all blue-eyed people share the same ancestor. And what about those with green eyes? Speaking of eyes, did you know that Mila Kunis, Kate Bosworth and Benedict Cumberbatch all have heterochromatic eyes (that is when your eyes are two different colours)? But just how common is this condition? Find out below. And here’s an interesting prediction for you; it has been estimated that by 2020, a whopping 1.24 million people, in the UK alone, will be of mixed race. What do you make of this?

People nowadays are more health conscious than ever before, for the first time, gym members have soared into the millions! The makers of popular fitness tracking devices like Fitbit and Jawbone are also shifting a large amount of produce (1.9 million devices in a year). At the other end of the spectrum, only a small percentage of people in the EU play a sport regularly and more than half of UK adults claim they never partake in moderate physical activity. The question is, which category do you fall under?

It’s a Mobile World

In the world of technology, people follow current trends and fads. How many people own an iPhone and gaming console in the United Kingdom? Presently, we are glued to our mobile phones, but are there people out there who go against the grain and are, in fact, phoneless? The answer is yes, as there remains a small number of individuals who don’t use mobiles. Head to our infographic for the details and a cool prediction on Virtual Reality (VR) in the year 2020.

Getting around has become increasingly difficult with the number of cars on the road, so much so, that the Department for Transport statistics has revealed that in five out of nine English regions, there is now at least one car for every two people; with the most popular car being a Ford Fiesta. Bike sales have also soared in the UK, with 1.25 million motorcycles recorded in 2015 alone. The van is also a hugely popular mode of transport and it looks like Ford has done it again! – this time with the Ford Transit Custom smashing the competition in terms of sales. From the looks of things, the British are big fans of Ford’s automobiles! But how did the BMW R1200GS become so popular in the UK? Find out from our infographic.

Home Alone

If you’re 30 and single, it’s OK. Lifestyles are continuously changing over the years, for better and for worse! The number of homeowners has dropped significantly since its peak in 2003, owing to a rise in the price of property. Marriage rates are at an all-time low due to people increasingly living together. Young men and women are also choosing to get married later in life, in their thirties. In turn, more people are choosing to stay single and are getting divorced. In fact, two million families in the UK are comprised of lone parents. On a more positive note, more Britons are receiving higher education than ever before, including Bachelor’s Degrees and PhD’s.

Due to the constant gloomy weather, people in the UK like to escape to countries where the sunshine is in abundance! Therefore, they travel to places like Central and South America (as a matter of fact, the UK is the third biggest “tourist nation” in Mexico), Tunisia, Australia and Italy. Britons also frequent Japan and New York, Times Square in particular which received 41.9 million visitors in 2011. Which country do you think has the biggest British ex-pat nation? The answer and so much more can be found in our infographic below.

Now, for the million-dollar question is; do you have brown eyes, a gym membership, and an iPhone, and do you drive around in a Ford Fiesta? Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but so does everybody else in the UK. For more odds compilations and fun facts, check out our infographic.

Odds of Uniqueness Infographic