How To Strike A Match With Your Tinder App

How to strike a match with your Tinder app (and fire up your dating)


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Tinder use has spread like wildfire. We here at love increasing our chances of success in all aspects of life and decided to put as much effort into researching Tinder as we do into learning to play roulette online.

So how can you stand out from the crowd and get those right-swipes that make potential matches? Our daring researchers Blake and Cammi have uncovered the formula for kindling romance on Tinder, and what makes profiles head right into dating heaven. And they did it all in the interests of science, of course.

The Tinder spark was ignited in Los Angeles in mid-2011, but it had blazed its way triumphantly across the globe within a year. So what’s the secret behind its success?

Tinder favours the mobile over the desktop, and it offers availability rather than compatibility: it’s just so much more immediate and fun than other established dating sites. Its integration with Facebook means there’s a kind of six degrees of separation thrill in finding potential dates who have friends in common.

The true beauty of Tinder, however, lies in its simplicity. Mutual right-swiping of profiles make matches, and matches make potential hot dates. Nothing could be easier. There are no pseudo-scientific compatibility tests to take, lengthy questionnaires to answer or detailed profiles to complete: six snaps and a quick sketch is all it takes.

But what snaps and what sketches get the all-important right-swipes? That’s what we have boldly set out to discover for you. Our infographic will reveal:

  • What profile pictures dress to the right.
  • A profile of the average Tinder user (And you might not know that nearly 1/3 are a rather more mature 25-34).
  • Why you need to take your Tinder seriously if you are to have the last laugh.
  • Why the tagline and clipping mask are crucial ways to attract the ‘right’ sort of attention.
  • How making the first move is not something to shy away from.

If you know what you want from Tinder we are about to show you just how to get it. So fire up your app and let the right-swipes commence. With Tinder there’s no such thing as being lucky in love: you need to play the dating game like a pro.




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