Superstitions of 15 Winning Celebrities

Us ordinary people aren’t the only ones who have irrational fears and superstitious beliefs. There are a tonne of celebrities out there who are greatly superstitious, perhaps even more than us. So, if you fear black cats crossing your path or walking under a ladder, you’re pretty much in famous company. In this week’s infographic, we look at the superstitious habits of the rich and famous who have acquired quite a few awards to their name thanks to their good luck charms. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most superstitious of them all?

Friday the 13th has been a source of superstition ever since the 19th century and still has a significant impact on believers today. In fact, many people will avoid important business meetings, ceremonies and other social gatherings because they believe the day is cursed and will bring bad luck. The acclaimed actress, Cameron Diaz, is one of those people. However, the same cannot be said for the four-time Grammy winner, pop sensation, Taylor Swift. She believes that the number thirteen has huge significance in her career – head to our vibrant infographic to see why.

Luck of the Irish

Other celebrities believe that lucky talismans can bring them fortune. Colin Farrel, for example, has revealed that he always wears the same pair of boxer shorts whenever he starts shooting a new movie. Being Irish, they are covered in shamrocks, and the waistband says, “Luck of the Irish.” Heidi Klum’s lucky charm, on the other hand, is less conventional. She has a bag of baby teeth which she carries around with her in a little bag for good luck – although she once dropped the bag on the plane and enlisted the help of the air hostess to find them as, “It’s not good luck if I leave them on the aircraft,” she said while scrambling on all fours – I wonder what the stewardess thought at that moment. Academy Award winner, Benicio del Toro, claims to have owed his luck to a talisman the year he was nominated for an Oscar for his role in Traffic. Our infographic will tell you all about his lucky charm. P.S. you might want to invest in one yourself when you next play a game of Roulette.

The polished British actress, Helen Mirren, who began her career with the Royal Shakespeare Company has a not so sophisticated ritual when attending awards shows. For good luck, she wears a pair of Perspex platformed stripper shoes. She used to buy them off Hollywood Boulevard for 39$ and wear them to events when she was nominated for an award because they added a good seven inches of height. You’ll never guess what the Australian actor, Geoffrey Rush’s secret weapon is! You’ll have to look through the infographic for the answer as to what the Pirates of the Caribbean Captain Barbossa carries in his pockets at awards shows.

Rocking All Over the World

When it comes to rock stars, they are no different! Steven Tyler, the lead man of the famous band Aerosmith, wears a necklace with four sharp teeth for good luck to add to his eccentricities. The teeth come from a racoon he once caught as a child. He even once had a pet racoon which he took finishing with too. Guess, racoons bring him luck! Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy, for example, always carries something with the Count from Sesame Street around with him. However, Axl Rose, the lead vocalist to the hard rock band Guns N’Roses has a different belief which very likely didn’t make fans very happy.

Some celebrities perform certain rituals before they go on stage. Kristin Chenoweth makes sure to say her prayers before she goes on stage to keep the lights from falling on her (she also won’t walk under a ladder). The actor, Rainn Wilson from The Office, won’t say she’s wrong in doing so. He believes in the age-old theatre superstition and won’t utter the word “Macbeth” or quote a line from Shakespeare. He once said the word and a light fell from the ceiling and crushed his foot. And what about Lorde and Coldplay’s Chris Martin? Not gonna lie but their pre-show rituals are particularly odd…and you know where to find them.

While there are plenty of celebrities who believe in this mumbo jumbo, there are others who wish to provoke and taunt bad luck. Have a look at our infographic below to find out who these rebels might be. We also have many more superstitious stars like Ariana Grande, Judi Dench, James Mcavoy, Foo Fighters and Jennifer Aniston.

Superstitions of 15 Winning Celebrities