Atlantic Vegas Casino Scam

Atlantic Vegas Scam

Atlantic Vegas looks like any reputable online casino. Their design is nice and clean, they use Betsoft’s casino software platform and there are no reports of not paying players. But this alone isn’t enough. There is something wrong when a casino lies about their license and location to players.

Atlantic Vegas Casino is a strange case, remarkably little is known about the online casino, other than a few warnings and black listings. In any case, the casino displays plenty of scam tactics, such as deceptive marketing that a reputable online casino would never consider.

Licensed? Regulated?

We did a little internet sleuthing ourselves and found that was registered in 2006 according to the Network Solutions WHOIS database.[1]

About a year after the domain was registered and Atlantic Vegas starting servicing players, they were added to Casinomeister’s rogue pit and a whole host of questions began to be asked about this casino’s integrity and whereabouts.[2]

Gaming licenses and legitimate software are clearly a crucial part of running an online casino. As players can see in Casinomeister’s write-up, Atlantic Vegas attached the Alderney Gaming Commission’s seal to their website. This was a problem for two reasons. Atlantic Vegas accepted players from the United States, something that no Alderney licensed casino is legally allowed to do. Also, Atlantic Vegas was listed nowhere on Alderney’s site as a licensed operator.

The live chat conversation is a bit humorous as the Atlantic Casino representative clearly is fumbling around with his answers as they are pressed about their licensing credentials. At this point, it is clear that the operator is lying about his license. Furthermore, the IP address utilized by the operator was based in Canada and not in the tribal gaming district of Kahnawake.

Atlantic Vegas is operating without a license from a possibly illegal jurisdiction. This alone is enough of a reason for players to avoid the casino; hence the rogue designation and blacklisting among many online casino watchdog sites.

Kahnawake License?

As we search for more information regarding this casino, we find an Online Casino City profile for Atlantic Vegas.[3] Curiously, Atlantic Vegas is listed as being licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission and using Betsoft software. Online Casino City still designates the casino as unsafe for players and warns players about playing there.

Upon reading this, we checked Kahnawake Gaming Comission’s site and looked for Atlantic Vegas but they were nowhere to be found. Also, their casino software company Betsoft is one of the more reputable brands of casino software and is used at many reputable online gaming sites. They do actually appear to be using Betsoft’s software. We looked for a list of clients on Betsoft’s site to verify, but that was nowhere to be found.

It seems again that this casino has misled those in the industry with about licensing and may be hiding something regarding their software.

Atlantic Vegas Today

As of February, 2013, Atlantic Vegas still seems to be in operation. We tried their live chat support, and after 10 minutes of no response an operative finally engaged us and asked for a username and password.

While the casino seems to not be legally licensed anywhere in the world, we have no idea if they are paying players and their games are reputable. They take players from all over the world, including the United States.

Even after an exhaustive search on Google for payout complaints and rumors about Atlantic Vegas there was very little information aside from a few warnings and black listings. Are players actually playing at this casino? Maybe in small numbers, they do have an affiliate program but few sites are promoting this casino.

It goes without saying to avoid Atlantic Vegas. Even though, they don’t seem to be running off with player funds, there are too many questions regarding their operation. A casino that continually lies and misleads players and the community about their location and license is probably hiding something.

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