Column King Roulette System

Column King Roulette System to increase Stack of Gambling ChipsThe Column King Roulette system is designed to do two important things for the player. First, it sets a reasonable budget for a single session that can be adjusted to any bankroll. Second, it allows the player to go with or against a streak of numbers, and can win either a single unit before starting again, or capitalize on the streak and make many times the initial investment – which is something few systems can offer. The system can be played on all roulette wheels.

In European roulette nearly all wheels have a single zero, while, in the North American version, wheels have a zero and a double zero, increasing the house edge on every bet. When given a choice, single zero wheels are therefore best, but the layout where inside bets are placed remains the same for each type of game. Below the zero or double zero on the layout are three columns of numbers. A wager on the 2-1 space furthest from the zero at the end of the layout covers the 12 numbers in that column.

Wagers placed in the 2-1 box are considered outside bets. If one of the 12 numbers is spun, you are paid double your wager. If a number not in the column (including 0 and 00) are spun, the wager loses.

On a double zero wheel you have a 12 in 37 chance of winning on each spin, so your wager will pay-off .324 percent of the time. However, roulette is a streaky game and individual numbers can sometimes repeat before not appearing again for an hour. With column play, one of your numbers in the group of 12 is much more likely to appear, making the game more fun.

Although each spin is independent of another, the Column King Roulette system takes advantage of the 2 to 1 payoff for winning wagers and allows a player to make a substantial amount of money with any streak of wins or loses. Inside wagers may often be made for as little as $1. Outside wagers may be made for $5 or more at most tables.

No-Hit Streak Wagers

With No-Hit wagers, players simply make a $5 wager on the column of their choosing and wait for the outcome. If their column wins, they are paid $10 and they make a wager on a different column. If their column does not hit, they make the same wager again. If it hits, they are paid $10 and have a $5 win. However, should they lose again, they begin a series of increased wagers designed to last as long as possible while waiting for the column to hit and the losing streak to end.

Any No-Hit Streak should have wagers that follow this pattern: $5, $5, $6, $9, $13, $20. This allows the player to make six consecutive wagers on one column and make a profit and start over when the column hits.

If there is no hit after six consecutive spins, the player should either stop and take the loss of $58, or move to the next three bets. The next wager is $30, then $45, and then $67. If there is no win in nine straight spins, the player loses their starting bankroll of $200. No betting system is guaranteed to win, and nine straight loses on a column wager does happen, but players are often able to win many bet groups before the dreaded bad streak comes along.

The good part of column betting is that you’ll usually get in plenty of play, and only risk $200. In addition to No-Hit Streak wagers, some players bet on a streak to continue, giving themselves a chance to make even more money if they get lucky.

Continuous Hit Streak Wagers

To take advantage of a winning streak and the 2 to 1 payoffs on column wins, many players bet on the streak, not against it. Play begins with the same $5 wager on a single column of 12 numbers and the wager stays at $5 until the column wins, then the wager increases.

A good starting bankroll at the table for this system is $200 and, once exhausted, the player either takes a break or calls it a night. However, when winning, the player keeps playing aggressively until an upper limit is reached or the table bankroll falls back to $200.

With a Continuous Hit Streak, each time the wager wins the bet is increased by $1. A streak of winners can go on quite a while, but a streak of six straight would have wagers of $5, $6, $7, $8, $9, $10. The return on those wagers (each with an additional $1 being wagered on the next spin) is $9, $11, $13, $15, $17. The total win is $65. If the streak continues, so do the increased wagers. You only return to $5 when the streak ends.

The best part of the Column King Roulette system is that the risk is small while the reward can be very large. While streaks of six or eight consecutive wins don’t happen repeatedly, lesser wins of two and three hits are fairly common. To take advantage of these players may start with a larger first bet after increasing their table stake of $200, or try a slightly different bet system.

Players can take a more aggressive approach, with a starting wager of $5, but instead of going to $6 after the first hit, the wager goes up $5 each win, so the second bet is $10. The bets go $5, $10, $15, $20, $25 until the streak ends. This produces a huge increase in the win total after a nice streak. If the player wins five consecutive bets, the return is $5+$15+$25+$35+$45= $125. That’s a lot of money when you are starting with a total bankroll of $200.

After a long streak of winnings, some players immediately start a No-Hit Streak wager string on the one column that hasn’t hit for a long time (the one left after the last spin and the one you were winning on). Each spin is independent of the next, so there is no logical reason for this play, but many players swear by it as a quick-win tactic.