Pivot Betting System

The Pivot roulette betting system relies on a single number repeating within the framework of 35 consecutive spins. Empirically obtained numbers that are repeating on a roulette wheel may be due strictly to chance, or they may repeat due to a type of flaw or bias in the functions of the wheel, or even a non-random pattern presented by the dealer.

Players who prefer to go with “hot” numbers will enjoy the Pivot system, because it does center on numbers that are repeating and not numbers that have not been coming up, or are “cold.”

How to Play the Pivot System

The system does not rely on a single zero wheel or the double zero wheel, so either may be used. Players should track 35 spins, either by logging them on a piece of paper or by checking the display board attached to the roulette table when available. Subsequent numbers must also be logged to continue playing the system.

The first punters to use this system based it on their findings that in a random sampling of 35- spin groups, not every number came up. In fact, only about two-thirds came up, meaning nearly one-third did not repeat.

The law of large numbers states that as the number of samples (in this case spins) increases, results begin to converge on expected results. In other words, as you approach a million spins every number will come up very close to the same number of times. However, in any small sampling of 35 numbers (again, spins here) with equal chances of appearing, nearly one-third will not do so, and thus nearly one-third will repeat.

With this little finding in mind, the Pivot system requires that a player wait until they see a number repeat and then bet on that number each of the next 35 spins. The amount bet should be a single unit. If the number repeats at any time they will show a profit (or break even if the number arrives on the 35th spin). Once the number repeats they choose the next number on their list that has repeated and bet on that one for 35 spins or until it repeats again.

Should the number chosen not repeat in a 35-spin sequence, the next number that has repeated is chosen and bet for another sequence of 35 spins.

The Pivot’s Good Aspects

Playing the Pivot roulette betting system keeps players’ bets to a minimum. Regardless of whether the system has any success on a given sequence of roulette spins, the player will not have wagered much in the course of a few hours of play. The original bankroll never needs to be large, like a Martingale system requires.

Many players set a bankroll of 105 units before sitting down to log spins and begin their play. Coupled with a time limit of a few hours, a player is likely to hit a number or two and be somewhere near even (+ or – about 20 chips) when time expires.

Progressive Bets with Pivot

More aggressive players may use an advanced system of betting with their Pivot system to try and maximize repeating numbers. This is done by starting with a bankroll of 105 units and a base bet of one unit, playing it each spin until a number is hit or 35 consecutive spins occur without a repeat.

If the number does not repeat, the bet must remain at one unit for the next number. However, should a number repeat then the current bankroll is used to determine subsequent bets.

Using this approach, any time the player has more than 105 units in their starting bankroll they bet two units during the next 35-spin sequence. Should the bankroll dip below 105 units during the sequence, the betting units must be reduced to one unit. On the other hand, if a number repeats the two unit-wagering stays in place until the bankroll dips below 105 units, or tops 210 units.

When 210 units are reached, play is either ended with a very successful doubling of the bankroll, or a final sequence of 35 possible spins is bet on the next repeating number with three units per spin. At this point, a quick hit pays 105 more units – and play is ended. The slow death is 35 consecutive spins with no repeat and a return to the original 105 units. Of course this is still the original starting bankroll, so nothing has been gained or lost.

The Pivot system is an uncomplicated method of tracking numbers and betting to while away the hours playing roulette. On many occasions the numbers repeat in a nice string of sequences and a sizable increase in the starting bankroll is accomplished.