Deposit via EcoPayz to Play Roulette Online

ecoPayz is a payment provider with a global reach thanks to customers in almost 160 countries and 45 currencies. The company was once known as ecoCard, before rebranding as ecoPayz in 2013.

Thousands of websites list ecoPayz as a payment mechanism, including a huge number of online casinos. Players can enjoy no fees and funds that clear instantly when they use ecoPayz.

ecoPayz uses a pre-paid card system that works just like a debit card. Once you’ve deposited funds onto your ecoPayz card, you can use it at online stores, casinos, sportsbooks and other sites just like you’d use a Visa debit card.

Whatever territory you’re based in, there’s a good chance that the web-based casinos you’re prone to playing at will accept ecoPayz. What’s more, you may find that some of them offer deposit bonuses specifically for using ecoPayz to top up your casino account balance.

The Company Behind EcoPayz

ecoPayz is one of the longest running digital wallets in the world, having been established in the year 2000 under the name of ecoCard. The business came of age in 2008, when it obtained FSA authorisation, essentially a seal of approval giving it permission to operate as an electronic money issuer.

A year later, PSI-Pay Ltd, the company who own ecoPayz, became part of MasterCard in terms of card issuing. As a consequence, casino members can use ecoPayz in confidence, given the reputable backing that the company has.

In the last 5 or 6 years, ecoPayz has proliferated on the web, with an iPhone app released in 2009 followed by 24-hour customer service a year later to keep pace with the business’s growing army of users. ecoPayz has since expanded into the business sector, allowing companies to use ecoPayz to pay staff salaries and other expenses.

Why EcoPayz Is so Popular with Online Casinos

Online casinos, by their nature, attract players from all over the world who use different currencies and different languages. Sometimes there can be issues when, say, a Russian player tries to use his credit card at a South American casino. Transactions can be incorrectly flagged as suspicious and in some cases funds can be frozen in error.

Because ecoPayz adopts a simplified universal format, it will work at all of the casinos that accept it. ecoPayz simplifies things because once the customer has topped up their ecoPayz card, they don’t have to enter any additional personal details wherever they choose to spend ecoPayz funds.

Security Measures

PSI-Pay, the team behind ecoPayz, use an advanced fraud detection engine that has been designed to protect online merchants from fraudulent transactions. By analysing behavioural data, it’s able to analyse thousands of transactions and to identify signs of suspicious activity.

Given that the company’s fraud detection engine was nominated Anti-Fraud/Security Solution of the Year in the Payments Awards 2014, it seems to be a robust and effective piece of kit.

While its inner workings won’t interest the average ecoPayz customer, knowledge of its existence will provide reassurance that the company is legit and that it’s committed to maintaining security whilst still respecting the individual’s desire for privacy.

How EcoPayz Works

ecoPayz is designed to enable customers to send money quickly to anywhere in the world that accepts the service. Customers are allowed to own up to 3 ecoPayz cards. One may be for personal and one for business use, or the individual may use different cards for different currencies.

One of the reasons why ecoPayz appeals is on account of the anonymity it offers. While no digital payment system (aside from a few Bitcoin-inspired alt currencies) is truly anonymous, ecoPayz certainly obfuscates a lot of the data that is available when you complete, say, a credit card transaction.

There are 5 tiers of ecoPayz cards available, starting with Classic before rising to Silver, Gold, Platinum and VIP. The higher your card level, the higher the amount of money you’ll be able to transfer in one go. In addition, customers can acquire single use ecoPayz cards. These can be purchased, topped up, used and then discarded once the balance has been drained. The card automatically expires once its funds have been spent. This eliminates the potential for card details to fall into the wrong hands, such as when using an insecure website.

Once customers have created an ecoPayz account, they can access it online, either by logging in on the web or via the firm’s Android or Apple apps.

The Pros and Cons of EcoPayz

One of the strongest reasons for using ecoPayz is fraud deterrence. You’re far less likely to have your personal details stolen or your card used fraudulently than you are with Visa or MasterCard, credit and debit cards that are forever tied to your name and which must be safeguarded at all times and wherever you shop.

With ecoPayz, customers enjoy greater anonymity and thus greater protection, especially when using one of the single-use prepaid cards.

For casino regulars, it may also be desirable not to have the name of their preferred betting site showing up on their bank or credit card statement. For this reason, a discreet payment provider such as ecoPayz, which can bridge the gap between consumer and casino, is desirable.

The other reason why ecoPayz is desirable is on account of its popularity; a huge number of casinos and other web-based businesses accept ecoPayz, thanks in no small part to the company’s ties to MasterCard. With no fees for depositing funds into a casino account with ecoPayz, the appeal of using the prepaid card is obvious.

Final Thoughts on EcoPayz

For serious casino players – the sort who are prone to joining multiple casinos and taking their trade from one to the other as the moods suits them, payment providers like ecoPayz are extremely useful.

Once you’ve registered your details with ecoPayz, topping up your account balance is simple, and there’s no need to enter your credit card details into every site you visit, along with the inherent risks and inconvenience that entails.


Why should I use ecoPayz?

ecoPayz provides a safe and discreet alternative payment option to credit and debit cards and is free to use. With ecoPayz you can send money globally in 45 currencies.

Which countries accept ecoPayz?

ecoPayz is available in around 160 countries so there’s a good chance you will be able to use it to pay for goods and services.

What can I pay for with ecoPayz?

E-commerce stores and online casinos are the main places where you’ll be able to use ecoPayz.

Do all casinos accept ecoPayz?

No, but a good many do. Check the banking section of each online casino to find out before you sign up.

Are my details safe with ecoPayz?

Yes. One of the best things about ecoPayz is that it offers a high level of protection. Both your identity and your funds are safeguarded.

Does it cost anything to use ecoPayz?

No, ecoPayz is free to use. Some casinos may charge a fee for using the service however. Most won’t, but double check before you sign up at the casino.

How many ecoPayz cards can I have?

You can have up to 3 ecoPayz cards linked to your account.

What are the alternatives to ecoPayz?

Skrill and Neteller both work in a similar manner to ecoPayz and are also available at many casinos.