Easy Roulette (iSoftBet)

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When it comes to casino games, there are far more versions of video poker than there are of roulette games – but software owners are doing their best to cater for roulette players by introducing different varieties of the well-loved table game.

iSoftBet are serious contenders when it comes to providing different roulette games for players because to date they currently have 9 versions to play; Roulette 3D, European Roulette, American Roulette, European Progressive Roulette, Roulette Silver. European Roulette Small Bets. Roulette VIP, Bonus Roulette and the exciting Easy Roulette.

Easy Roulette (iSoftBet)

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Betting table

Easy Roulette is a game played based on European rules – this means it’s a European roulette wheel with 37 pockets; a zero and numbers 1 through to 36. The player interface is convenient as it allows players to place bets with ease.

The table of bets is the first thing you will notice on the screen with all of the different betting options. The minimum bet is 0.10 and the maximum chip size is 50.00.

You are able to view the results in the display bar and players can even customise the colour of the tablecloth to suit them. Once your bets have been placed, you press the spin button to the lower right of the table, the betting table disappears and you get a full view of the roulette wheel and betting table. As soon as the ball lands and the result is shown on the screen, the table will emerge again for you to place more bets.

Is it easy?

Easy Roulette does exactly what it suggests, it makes it easy for novices to get a feel of the popular roulette game without spending hours wondering what the different bets are. Previous results will be shown to the lower of the table screen – to make it a bit easier to see what numbers come out more often than others. You have to guess where you think the ball will come to rest – if you can do that, you’re onto a winner.

House edge and bets

As with all European roulette games, the house edge can go from 1.35% up to 2.70% – the usual house edge for this game is the latter; 2.70%.

The biggest returns offered are for a straight up bet – a single number at 35 to 1.

You have the ability to place bets on the usual bets – typical European Roulette bets, but there’s also the inclusion of sector, finals and neighbours.

Less superior to others?

Easy Roulette is no different to a standard European roulette game – it offers the same bets, odds and house edge – the only difference being is the fact that its far easier to play and understand.

Mobile friendly?

You cannot access iSoftBet’s Easy Roulette via a mobile or tablet device at this stage.

US welcome?

iSoftBet have not made it clear whether residents of the US can access the game.

Other games by software provider

There is an extensive catalogue of games waiting to be discovered by iSOoftBet, these include slots, table games and video poker. Titles on offer include; Blackjack Atlantic City, Platoon Wild Progressive, Deuces and Joker Poker and the popular Spin or Reels HD.

Good for novices

If you are a novice to the roulette game, we would thoroughly recommend you try Easy Roulette. The structure and layout of the game makes it a popular choice for newbies. The screen is uncluttered and allows you to even make announced bets – something that you wouldn’t find in many other varieties of the roulette game. The control panel in particular makes it easy to place bets, with plenty of buttons to aid with your selection.

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