Roulette 3D (iSoftBet)

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There are more and more versions of roulette being released online than ever-before, so it’s vital for companies to design their game in a special way in order to separate it from their competition – but with only two roulette wheels available; European and America, it’s a tough task to complete.

Roulette 3D from iSoftBet is a superb addition to the roulette community as it offers a unique twist on a popular classic game. The graphics that the game produces allows you to feel as if you are standing over a real roulette wheel on a casino floor – not only that, the additional bets offered and player interface is what makes this game a popular choice amongst online roulette enthusiasts.

Roulette 3D (iSoftBet)

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Playing by the rules

Roulette 3D is a European roulette wheel – so you will find 37 pockets to the wheel with numbers 1 to 36 in red and black and a single zero in green. This game plays to European roulette rules and you are required to drag your chips onto the table to place your bets. Press the spin button to start the game and watch in anticipation as the ball comes to rest in one of the 37 different pockets. If you have placed a winning bet, the amount won will be credited to your account.

Game layout

Roulette 3D is exactly what it suggests it is – a 3D roulette game that offers 3D graphics instead of your usual 2-dimensional images. Roulette is simple – you have a roulette wheel and a table of bets in which to make your selections from. With Roulette 3D, the main attraction is the 3D roulette wheel that is constantly spinning to the lower middle of the screen. The design is superb and the roulette wheel is so life-like. Above the roulette wheel you will find the standard European table of bets. The left of the screen offers special bets and the racetrack – here you can place bets on red splits, black splits, neighbour bets and thirds. The right of the table offers chip denominations; 0.10, 0.50, 1.00, 5.00 and 10,00. Use these chips to place your bets onto the table. Hover your mouse over the sections of the table and you will be shown the betting limits and pay out offered. Use the ‘Rebet & Spin’ option if you wish to place the same bets again.

Limited bets and house edge

Roulette 3D is a little disappointing with its betting limits as it offers one of the lowest maximum bets on the market – 0.10 minimum and just 10.00 maximum. There are many varieties that allow you to bet multiple thousands, so 10.00 is extremely low. The house edge is standard for European roulette – 2.70%.


No specific strategy required. Place your bets and try to win. With the maximum betting limit capped at just 10.00 – you will be able to place a range of bets to try and maximise your returns. Place too many bets and you will win less that your stake.

Devices available to play on

You can only enjoy Roulette 3D on a desktop device.

Available to US?

US residents are welcome to play Roulette 3D.

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Our summary

Roulette 3D offers superb graphics and plenty of betting options to keep you entertained, but the table limit of just 10.00 is very disappointing. The player interface allows for crystal clear gameplay and easy navigation.

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