Roulette Lounge (NeoGames)

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Roulette Lounge is brought to you by NeoGames – a company who are no strangers to thrilling online casino games and slot titles. This high class game of roulette makes your gameplay a pleasurable one and is the closest thing to a casino floor you will probably get. Your traditional roulette game has been designed to replicate a high class or even VIP lounge where it is just you and the roulette wheel – no people to distract you from placing your bets.

Sit back and enjoy the classical music that’s played – this adds serenity and a calming atmosphere, as the roulette wheel spins on your screen. The design is perfect as it does look like you are in a real casino waiting to place your bets.

Roulette Lounge (NeoGames)

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Rules of the game

Roulette Lounge is a standard European roulette game that plays to those same rules. If you are new to online roulette, the wheel has 37 different pockets (compared to the American roulette where there are 38 pockets). Inside those pockets are red and black squares with the numbers 1 to 36. There is a single zero in green to the top of the wheel. The betting table offers all your usual bets, such as straight up. Dozen and street. The tablecloth is green and the numbers take up the majority of the table. Choose your desired chip value from the lower of the table and place them where you wish to have your bet. When you are ready and happy with your bets – click the spin button and the roulette wheel will automatically start to spin and the ball will finally come to rest in one of those pockets. If you have a winning bet – you will be credited with your winnings instantly.

What’s the difference?

If you like the hustle and bustle and chatter around the roulette table – then maybe this isn’t the roulette game for you. Roulette Lounge has been created to be a calming and enjoyable atmosphere with nothing but classical music being produced. You won’t find this on any other online roulette table – this is probably what makes this game so popular. The roulette game is in what looks to be a console with a luxury red screen with the roulette wheel to the top and the betting table and chips to the bottom. The right of the screen offers statistics a repeat button, spin button, undo, redo and clear all bet options.

House edge and limits

As roulette limits go, Roulette Lounge is among the lowest available with a maximum bet of just 250.00. Straight up bets are capped at 25.00 as these offer the biggest payout of 35:1. The house edge with Roulette Lounge is 2.70%.

Any strategy required?

The aim of the game is like other roulette games; try to predict where the ball will come to rest and make as much money as possible. If you have a limited budget, you will need to spread smaller chip values out to cover a wider range of bets to give you more chances to win. If you have a big bankroll – you will be looking to place large bets on specific numbers. The double up feature will suit players who use the Martingale strategy.

Compatible devices

Only desktop devices can load Roulette Lounge.

US eligible?

Roulette Master is not eligible for US residents.

Other games by software provider

NeoGames offer instant wins, lottery, number games, mobile and tablet games, scratchcards, slots and casino games. Popular titles are; Rainbow Charms, Mighty Sphinx, Monte Carlo and Fruity Friends.

Our thoughts

NeoGames have certainly produced an online roulette game that is like no other. Place your bets in a calming atmosphere with serene music being played. The betting limits may be small but the potential to win big is still there – if you know what you are doing.

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