Roulette Royal (NeoGames)

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Roulette Royal is yet another exciting variation of European roulette from NeoGames and it offers players the chance to play with not one but three betting limits; standard, high roller and VIP. Before the game launches you are able to select the betting limit that suits your bankroll but not only that, you can play in luxurious surroundings – just like you’d expect from a high-class casino venue.

Bring all the fun of the casino floor into your own home and play at your own pace with no timers or other distractions to divert your attention.

Roulette Royal (NeoGames)

3 votes

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Rules of the game

Roulette Royal is yet another European roulette game and plays to those same rules, so there will be 37 pockets on the wheel with red and black squares and a zero in green. Use the chip denominations supplied to place your bets, once you are happy you press the spin button and from then, you will be able to place no more bets. The wheel will spin and the ball will come to rets in the winning pocket. A crystal clear pawn will be placed on the winning number on the betting table and if you win, you will be credited according to your bet.

Different game?

NeoGames have designed Roulette Royal to look totally different to other online roulette games, but in all honesty, it’s the same game. You will find the usual betting options and standard pay. The table is designed to be surrounded by luxury red with the betting table and roulette wheel taking up the whole screen. The left offers turbo pay, the paytable and your bet statistics, such as minimum bet, maximum bet and maximum bet per spot. To the right of the screen you will find the history of the wheel in a green display panel, the repeat button, spin button, undo, redo and clear all bets options. View your total bets and total wins beneath these betting options at all times. If you should hit a winning bet, a message box will emerge on your screen with your bet and how much you won.

House edge and bets

Roulette Royal has a house edge of 2.70%. The bets offered are usual European bets such as red/black, odd/even, high/low with the maximum returns coming with the straight up bets. If you choose to play VIP, you will be able to place 100.00 on straight up bets to receive a total of 3,600 in return.

Any strategy to aid play?

Roulette Royal offers a double up option which would suit Martingale users. There are three betting limits offered, so it’s vital you choose the one that suits your bankroll. High rollers can take advantage of the 100.00 maximum limits on the straight up bets – this returns the most money. To conserve your bankroll, choose to play the minimum betting limits.

Compatible devices

You can only access Roulette Royal via a desktop device.

US players allowed?

Residents of the US are not eligible to play.

Other games by NeoGames

NeoGames offer over 200 casino games to choose from, the most played titles are; Adventure Jack, Atlantis, Monaco Glamour and 5th Avenue.

Our verdict

We love how NeoGames put the player in control at all times – the three-tier betting limits will suit novices to high rollers. There’s the potential to win huge cash, especially when you play VIP. Betting options make it easy to place your bets. There is a demo version of this game on offer, to allow you to try before you buy. Enjoy great graphics and the thrills of a real casino venue with Roulette Royal from NeoGames.

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