Multi Wheel Roulette

If you play online roulette and have ever wished there was a way to play two systems at once, or to play a series of numbers on two wheels, then the latest software from Microgaming is going to make you very happy! Their Multi-wheel Roulette game is now offered at many high-quality sites like RoyalVegas, Jackpot City and PlatinumPlay, and the game is top-notch!

Some live casinos offer a single wheel with two layouts, and it’s always fun to watch players dash from one table to the other, making their wagers, but Multi-wheel Roulette solves that problem and offers as many as eight individual wheels with a single layout. Much like a multi-ticket video keno game, players have endless chances to make wagers of all types, from straight-up bets, to call bets.

The game is available for free play at some online casinos, but for those ready to give it a try with real cash, wagers at most sites allow bets from 1 to 25, and a few allow wagers of up to 50 units. That’s some serious money you can have in action, but you don’t have to play all eight games at once. In fact, the layout itself is customizable, and you can make different chip wagers on each wheel. You also have plenty of time to get your bets in, which is very important for most roulette systems. Let’s take a look at where we can play this fantastic exciting degenerate game! Sadly, it doesn’t seem to be available at any US friendly casinos right now.

The Wagers

As with a standard roulette game, wagers run from even-money on outside wagers like odd/even; red/black, high/low (1st 18, 2nd 18), to column bets, sections, and all the standard inside bets. Once you have money in your account, you can choose the Multi-wheel Roulette game and place as much on the game as you wish to risk for your session to start. Then, you can place wagers on as many wheels as you wish, from one to eight, and the best part is that each game has European wheels, with a single zero.

To make play easier, the game has a collection already devised call bets, each with a name of their own, and you can chose them with a simple click of the mouse (instead of shouting your wager to a live dealer and running the risk of getting shut-out when they don’t hear your bet). Once your bets are ready for each wheel, another click of the mouse sets the wheels in motion, one at a time.

The graphics are excellent, with casino-real sound and plenty to see each spin. As the spinning balls slow and drop into pockets you’ll feel an excitement you can’t get on a single wheel, even if you make the same bet on each wheel and enjoy a big payoff when it hits, or play multiple numbers on different wheels.

Theoretically you could have dozens of different wagers going, and some players are making great use of the eight wheels to work on roulette systems.

System Play

Many roulette system players have a hard time keeping up with the game: choosing their next wager amount and placing their bets before the dealer stops accepting bets. This won’t happen on Multi-wheel Roulette, and that’s good news for players who keep track of numbers that have already spun.

For players using a system such as d’Alembert, where you are adding and subtracting numbers from a base bet, you’ll get your wager right each time. The same goes for the reverse d’Alembert and Oscar’s Grind.

If you track individual numbers and use the Pivot system, you could conceivably play it on two or more wheels, tracking the hot numbers on each. The same can be done with Labouchere, and there should be some consideration to using a shortened string of numbers instead of a longer string, and trying it on several wheels!

Inside Number Systems

There is also a great opportunity for using inside-number systems when playing multiple wheels. A system like the Six Pence Plus works well for many players, and can be used on multiple wheels. Another system that could be played on multiple wheels, perhaps in conjunction with other bets, is the Green Black Attack, which can occasionally throw players a curve due to the changing inside bets, but is quite easy to use with online play where the player sets the time frame for each spin of the wheel – or of multiple wheels.

Bankroll Considerations

Obviously there are bankroll considerations to be made when playing multiple wheels. The more wheels you play, the more money you are likely to have in action. A good rule of thumb is to reduce your base wager on each wheel to compensate for having several bets or systems going. And, strings of wagers and lines of bets like those used with Labouchere can be shortened, which increases the likelihood that they will be successful.

As you increase your bankroll, you can portion parts of it to each wheel or to each system being used, and take advantage of winning streaks by increasing the wagers that are winning while keeping bets even (or reduced) on any current systems that are unsuccessful.

Keep in mind that if you are just making random wagers on a number of wheels it is unlikely you will have any substantial increases in your winnings because the number of bets is going to simply drain your overall bankroll. The only way to win at Multi-wheel Roulette is to have a number of winning systems going, and to bet more when you are winning, and less when you are losing.