3 Wheel Roulette Player’s Suite (IGT)

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Are you a fan of IGT software’s range of Player’s Suite roulette games? Well, you will be pleased to know that you can get three times the classic casino action with this 3 Wheel Roulette game online. This gambling game puts a whole new spin on the traditional table game set up – well, two new spins, to be precise – offering a whole new way of playing to punters who are fed up with the standard variations of the roulette wheel.

Not only does this online roulette game mix things up with its 3-wheel-in-one gameplay, but it also presents players with a special “Colour Up Bonus” feature. This allows punters to consider whole new winning possibilities as they place their wagers in this unique roulette game.

3 Wheel Roulette Player’s Suite (IGT)

2 votes

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3 Wheel Roulette Player’s Suite by IGT does exactly what it says on the tin – it presents a roulette wheel which has 3 independently spinning discs rather than the customary single wheel set-up. Other than that innovative feature, the game is actually fairly straightforward to anyone who is familiar with European Roulette, because the board layout is pretty much the same as any standard single zero European Roulette game online. So, all of the typical betting options are on offer, from straight up inside bets to outside bets such as column, dozens, high/low, red/black, and odd/even. This game does present some unique advanced betting options which allow punters to toggle red or black splits as well as red and black dragon patterns which snake across the board. The main thing to note whilst playing this game, however, is that whenever you place a bet on the table, you are actually placing that bet three times. The minimum stake allowed on an inside or outside bet is 1 credit (so that will actually turn out to be 3 credits on account of the 3 wheels in play) while the maximum bet allowed across all bets on the table is 450 credits.


It might be tempting to compare this game to Microgaming’s popular Multi Wheel Roulette game; both games use the European Roulette board layout after all. But, in reality, the online roulette games are quite unalike. Microgaming’s innovative multi-table version of the classic gambling game features up to 8 different wheels, each of which is spun independently of each other with its own ball. This 3 Wheel Roulette game by IGT, on the other hand, features just one ball with three concentric wheels which spin on the same axis, making it a much more compact, and arguably more enjoyable, playing experience. On top of that, this IGT roulette game offers a special bonus feature to add an extra element of intrigue to the proceedings. The Colour Up Bonus can be played on its own or with other standard bets, and it awards players with a simple stake multiplier prize whenever the three wheels form particular patterns, like so:

  • Colour match 2x: find three pockets of matching colours.
  • Pair 5x: find a pair of matching numbers excluding zeros
  • Straight 10x: find a sequence of consecutive numbers e.g. 1-2-3. Sequence could be in any order e.g, 6-4-5.
  • Pair of zeros 25x: find a pair of zeros.
  • Triplet 100x: find three matching numbers excluding zeros.
  • Triplet zeros 1,200x: find three matching zeros


Odds and strategy

The important thing to remember when playing this online roulette wheel is that it doesn’t offer any bigger wins than any other European Roulette game in real life or on the internet. In fact, this can be deemed as a low volatility roulette game since players will effectively have three times the chance to win on their bets with the three wheels in play. However, overall, the returns are going to be lower for a single win since you are placing three wagers at once. Then again, there is every chance that you could place a straight-up inside bet only for it to appear on all three wheels at once. And if you are savvy enough to make the most of the bonus side bet, then you will add a 100-1 boost to the winning returns. Here you can see the odds in full for every possible wagering option in 3 Wheel Roulette:

Inside betsOddsOutside betsOdds
Three numbers11/1Odd/even1/1
Six numbers5/1Red/black1/1

The theoretical RTP (Return to player) of this online roulette game is between 95.99% to 97.29%


Fancy staving off boredom with some mobile roulette spins? You are in luck, because punters can play 3 Wheel Roulette on mobile devices as long as their smartphone or tablet is powered by Android, Windows or iOS.

US friendly?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to play 3 Wheel Roulette in the US, either for fun or for real money.


When it comes to playing 3 Wheel Roulette Player’s Suite by IGT, punters may be a little bit daunted by the non-conventional gameplay set up. The truth is that this game is actually not really that different from an ordinary European Roulette variation of the classic casino game. In fact, players who don’t particularly like staking out for big wins can make the most of this online roulette game with low variance and, who knows, you might just hit a huge jackpot if you play the Colour Up Bonus side game.

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