Player’s Suite Roulette with Section Bets (IGT)

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Roulette without doubt is the most popular form of online casino game available to play and thanks to the many different varieties on offer, players with all budgets can take a punt on the spin of the wheel.

To keep things interesting, companies are creating roulette games with additional features and unique twists to get players interested – but this can be quite a task considering there are only two roulette wheels to base your game on; European roulette and American roulette.

Player’s Suite Roulette with Section Bets from IGT is based on European roulette and plays by the same rules, but it is an elite game that targets the high rollers. If you love to place big stakes in the hope of returning big cash – then Player’s Suite Roulette with Section Bets
Is perfect for you.

Player’s Suite Roulette with Section Bets (IGT)

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How to play

You choose your own level of risk and rewards in this superb online roulette game from IGT. Study the statistics offered and try to correctly predict where the ball will come to rest. If you can do that, you will be rewarded with cash – the bigger the bet you place, the bigger the rewards will be. You will find 37 pockets to the wheel with Player’s Suite Roulette with Section Bets, but there are additional bets offered to make your gameplay even more interesting.

Game details

Player’s Suite Roulette with Section Bets from IGT is part of a series of roulette games that offer additional betting services and increased limits for their players. Another game in this series is Roulette Player’s Suite – both variants are set up in the same way, but Player’s Suite Roulette with Section Bets offers additional betting options. You will find the betting table and ball history to the right and the roulette wheel and neighbour bets to the left. You play to your own pace, as soon as you are ready to play you press the spin button to start the ball rolling. If you love to play fast and furiously, you can choose to use the turbo mode – where the wheel spins and stops a lot faster than usual.

Bets and house edge

This roulette variant offers a house edge of 1.35% – thanks to the La Partage rule. Reduce your risk of losing by betting on several numbers with separate bets or with one bet that covers a multitude of numbers. Even money bets offer even money on red/black, odd/even and high/low. Section bets allow you to place bets on 5 contagious sections on the roulette plus there are neighbour bets and French bets on offer too.

Game strategy

Expert history is what makes Player’s Suite Roulette with Section Bets from IGT so popular as it provides an in-depth history of the roulette wheel. View the statistics of the last 250 spins to try and estimate where the ball will land next. Martingale users can take advantage of the Double Up Bets feature.

Devices that I can play on?

Player’s Suite Roulette with Section Bets is only available on desktop devices.

US players

Player’s Suite Roulette with Section Bets welcomes US players.

Other games by IGT

IGT offers a comprehensive range of casino, slots and table games. Popular titles on offer include; Aloha Roulette, French Roulette Pro Multiplayer, Triple Bonus Spin Roulette and Roulette Supreme Video Slot.

Our verdict

Like the other games in this series from IGT, Player’s Suite Roulette with Section Bets is a superb additional allowing for increased bets and the potential to accumulate big wins. The additional betting options offered will appeal to roulette players looking to maximise their potential returns.

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