Hot Streak Bonus Roulette Player’s Suite (IGT)

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Hot Streak Bonus Roulette Player’s Suite is a thrilling and exciting game from IGT. This classic game of European Roulette has the potential to boost your income with a staggering 25,000x multiplier – sounds very interesting, but in order to get your hands on that loot you will have to make bonus bets.

IGT are known for creating roulette games with a difference, take Double Bonus Spin Roulette for instance, it offers players the chance to win 1,200x on a single spin of the wheel.

Hot Streak Bonus Roulette Player’s Suite (IGT)

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What is the player’s suite?

IGT have created a series of games that are part of the Player’s Suite of games – this if for novice payers to ease themselves n gradually whilst adding extra controls for the more experienced player. Being able to customise your table and view hot and cold numbers is just a few of the added perks from IGT.


Hot Streak Bonus Roulette Player’s Suite is your standard European roulette game, so you will have a wheel with 37 pockets; a single zero and numbers running in random order from 1 to 36. Your screen focuses on the roulette wheel more than anything with the with a table layout to the right of the screen. You will notice some differences with the layout of the table, compared to standard European roulette. Running down the rightmost section of the table, there is a green strip with 6 holes – this is where your bonus bets will be placed. The lower of the screen shows the multiplier hot streak bar along with betting chips and statistics.

What is Hot Streak?

To put it simply, you can play your usual roulette game where you place standard bets such as straight up, odds or evens and red or black – but with this game, you also get the chance to place up to 6 bets running down the side of the betting table. You will need to choose a number from each of the six separate sections; 1 to 6, 7 to 12, 13 to 18, 19 to 24, 25 to 30 and 31 to 36. The single zero cannot be bet on with the Hot Streak Bonus. Each number section will cost 10.00 each – so a full set of 6 numbers will set you back 60.00. In order to win one of your numbers must come out from the spin of the wheel – you will be awarded a 2x multiplier. If the second spin lands on your chosen number – you will receive a 12x multiplier and this keeps going as long as the numbers come out one after the other. So, a third spin win awards a 100x multiplier, fourth spin win is a 250x multiplier, fifth win spin is a 1,000x multiplier until finally, the sixth comes out and awards that massive 25,000x your stake.

IGT house edge

The house edge is 1.35% with Hot Streak Bonus Roulette Player’s Suite.

Play on the go?

Players who wish to access Hot Streak Bonus Roulette Player’s Suite on their mobile or tablet, cannot do so at this stage.

US welcome?

There are no restrictions in place for the residents of the US, meaning they can enjoy the exciting action that this game has to offer.

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High stakes

In order to win big, you have to be prepared to bet big stakes – 60.00 to get that 25,000x multiplier. Hot Streak Bonus Roulette Player’s Suite is a thrilling edition to IGT’s portfolio of games – it’s exciting and offers the potential to win huge stakes compared to standard European games.

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