Astro Roulette (1X2 Gaming)

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You might think that the classic casino game of roulette is completely untouchable, what with its years of tradition and unmistakably classy set-up. Well, that was before the internet game along to shake things up.

More specifically, that was before Astro Roulette by 1X2 Gaming came along to completely change the way that we play online roulette.

If you are savvy to the signs of the zodiac, then this astrologically themed roulette game is right up your street. If you simply fancy playing a roulette game online that provides some shorter odds than the average European, French or American variant of the casino classic, then Astro Roulette is certainly worth a punt.

Astro Roulette (1X2 Gaming)

2 votes

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Out of this world roulette

Anyone who is familiar with the game of roulette will know that most standard variants of the casino table game feature a spinning wheel with either 37 or 38 pockets. Astro Roulette, on the other hand, completely defies the roulette rulebook by presenting a wheel with just 13 sections – 12 pockets for each sign of the astrological zodiac calendar and 1 smaller ‘infinity’ pocket which represents the “zero” on a normal roulette table. As such, the board of this online roulette game is much less cluttered than usual, with just 12 inside bets represented by the symbols of the zodiac. Just like any classic roulette game, however, punters are able to place split and corner bets between 2 and 4 spaces respectively. When it comes to the outside bets available at this roulette game, players will find that the different zodiac signs have been grouped according to their various qualities. That is whether they fall in the spring, summer, autumn or winter, whether they represent fire, earth, air or water elements and whether they are considered positive or negative. There is also an option to place 2/1 bets over four symbols forming a horizontal line on the board. The maximum possible stake for an inside bet is 20 credits. Stakes on the seasonal or elemental outside bets must not exceed 60 credits, bets on horizontal rows cannot be more than 75 credits and wagers on the positive or negative positions are limited to 100. The maximum table bet limit is 200 credits. This is a low limit online roulette game thanks to its minimum bet level of 0.25 credits.

Anything else like it?

As far as gameplay and design goes, Astro Roulette is a very unique proposition, making it perfect for punters who are tired of the usual roulette gameplay. Having said that, players will be able to find a somewhat similar roulette game online with 1X2 Gaming’s Chinese Roulette. This orientally themed gambling game also features 12 spiritual symbols, this time from the Chinese zodiac calendar.

Strategy over superstition

With a theoretical return to play percentage of 97.30%, players can certainly go into this unique roulette game with plenty of hope for a decent return. That said, the important thing to remember is that the house always has the ultimate edge, so you will always end up down over an infinite number of spins. The zodiac may be about superstition and mysticism, but any punter knows that destiny and fate have no part to play in gambling strategies. With just 12 inside bets on this roulette game, it is certainly quite appealing to take a punt on your own zodiac symbol, but it could be disastrous not to spread you bets over various symbols. If you have a big enough bankroll, then it could be a good strategy to use a double down strategy on Positive/Negative bets since the odds for these options at even (1/1). Here are full odds for Astro Roulette: Straight up – 11/1; Split – 5/1; Corner – 2/1; Infinity + 1 – 8/1; Infinity + 2 – 4/1; Row – 2/1; Season – 3/1; Element – 3/1; Positive/Negative – 1/1

Can you play on mobile?

If you feel like enjoying Astro Roulette on mobile, then you can thanks to the mobile-optimised software designed by 1X2 Gaming. As long as you have a modern smartphone or tablet that is powered by iOS, Android or Windows then you should be able to play mobile roulette games wherever you are.

US Friendly?

To out knowledge, punters from the US are not able to play Astro Roulette for real money.

The final verdict

Whether you stand by the readings of the astrological zodiac or not, this online roulette game makes a nice change from the usual European, American and French variations of the casino classic. With just 12 inside bets on the board, the game is much more attractive to punters who don’t necessarily want to fiddle around with over-complicated spread-bet strategies.

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