Chinese Roulette (1X2 Gaming)

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Most people associate roulette games with one of three standard variants – American, French and European – each of which has its on special gameplay features and betting options.

Many gambling purists would stand by there favourite roulette variations as being the only gambling game for them, whether they prefer to enjoy the spinning action in the atmosphere of a real casino or in the comfort of their own homes.

1X2 Gaming evidently care not for such traditional versions of roulette, and Chinese Roulette is testament to this. The uniquely designed online roulette wheel features just 12 main betting options, all of which are based on the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac calendar. With that in mind, this gambling game is an ideal option for punters who are partial to oriental culture, not to mention the spiritual realm of astrology.

Chinese Roulette (1X2 Gaming)

3 votes

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Rules of the game

Unlike any standard roulette game online, Chinese Roulette shows a spinning wheel with 12 symbols as well as one single zero icon (AKA “infinity”). The betting system is therefore unlike any usual roulette number board, since punters can only choose from 12 straight-up bets as oppose to the usual 36 numbers. The outside bets are also presented in a rather original way, with a variety of options which will group together the various animals according to their relation to the seasons and elements. So, you can place a “Spring” bet which covers the Dragon, Rabbit and Tiger icons, or an “Earth” bet which covers the Snake, Rooster and Ox positions. Naturally, with four seasons and four elements respectively, punters have the opportunity to place stakes on 3/1 odds – something which they can’ necessarily do at a traditional roulette table. There is also an opportunity to place wagers on column bets (2/1) as well as Positive/negative bets (1/1) The minimum amount that a player can place as a single bet is 0.25 while the maximum bet limit across the table is 200 credits. With that in mins, this low-limits roulette game is not suited for high rollers.

Similar games

This online roulette wheel isn’t completely unique, because it shares a lot of similarities with another roulette game by 1X2 Gaming – Astro Roulette. Not only do the two gambling games draw upon inspiration from the astrological zodiac systems, but they also offer the exact same gameplay.

Betting strategies

In truth, this roulette game is simply a low volatility version of European Roulette. Confused? Let us explain. If you look carefully at the wheel, there are actually 3 pockets for the ball to fall into for each of the 12 animal icons, while the zero position takes up just one pocket. So, if you do the calculations, you will realise that there are basically 37 pockets on the wheel just like a European Roulette game. Plus, when you consider that each straight-up bet covers 3 pockets, it is evident that this low variance roulette game is going to offer wins on a more frequent basis than your standard roulette table. Then again, those wins will be much smaller, with odds weighing in at just 11/1. With just the single zero and 36 winning pockets, this roulette game gives a house edge of 2.7%. So, no matter how much faith you have in your zodiac symbols, the house is always going to win in the long run. Then again, there is plenty of enjoyment to be had from trying out different betting spreads in this unique gambling game.


Unlike Astro Roulette by 1×2 Gaming, this gambling game is not available to play on mobile devices. So, if you do fancy a bit of Chinese Roulette on iPad or Android phone, then you will be disappointed.

US friendly

It appears as if it is possible to play Chinese Roulette online from the United States of America, as long as it is not for real money. As far as we are aware the games by this UK based software company are not licensed for real money gambling in the US.


It’s not often that you find a low volatility roulette game online because, let’s face it, most traditional versions of the game offer the exact same gameplay but with higher or lower stake limits. Chinese Roulette, therefore, is a perfect option for punters who want to be able to place straight-up inside bets with a reasonable chance to land a winning prize.

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