Hexagon Roulette (Ash Gaming)

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Hexagon Roulette from Ash Gaming resembles a popular daytime gameshow of yesteryear. If you can remember the television gameshow Blockbusters, with the popular comic catchphrase of “Can I have a P please Bob”, you will see what we mean when we compare the two.

Ash Gaming have produced a big twist on a classic, but roulette is loved for its standard layout and wheel spinning excitement – so, will Hexagon Roulette live up to the much-loved roulette game? Read on to find out.

Hexagon Roulette (Ash Gaming)

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Eyes on the design

Hexagon Roulette is placed on a blue table. To the right of the screen is a yellow progress bar which displays the previous results and to the centre of the table is where you will find a hexagonal design full of the numbers 1 to 36 and a single zero. Just like European Roulette, Hexagon Roulette features 37 pockets. The colours are also the same with red and black but if you look around this grid of numbers, you will see a bigger hexagon with numbers 1 to 36 and a single zero how you would find them on a standard European roulette wheel. The left of the screen offers the following options; inner, middle, outer, 1 to 18, odd, red, black, even and 19 to 36.

Betting skills

There are no skills involved with this game, just like standard roulette – you have to predict where you think the ball will come to rest in order to win. Ash Gaming offer the chance for players to win a staggering 200,000 if they can bet on the right numbers that is.

Different spins

If you are expecting a ball to roll around a spinning wheel, you will be mistaken as Hexagon Roulette from Ash Gaming features no wheel and no ball! Sounds absurd but when you place your desired bets and press to ‘bet now’, that outer hexagon full of numbers will come into play. A light will run from the single zero around the outside clockwise. The light will eventually stop on a number – that is the winning outcome.

Betting options and range

Just because the design of Hexagon Roulette is different to the norm, doesn’t mean the bets have changed. You can still place chips on your favourite roulette betting options. Chip options are between 0.10 and 100.00 – allowing players with all budgets to have a punt. You are able to place bets of a maximum of 19,000 on a single spin – perfect for high rollers. With this being a different style or roulette, there are more betting options offered, allowing you to bet on the inner, middle or outer sections. These bets return 6x your original stake – this is where the big money can be won.

Mobile play

Hexagon Roulette is not compatible with mobile or tablet devices.

US restrictions?

Players from the US are not permitted to play Hexagon Roulette from Ash Gaming.

Other games by software provider

Established in 2000, Ash Gaming are a leading supplier of interactive gambling and betting games, these include table games, slots and video poker. Popular titles offered include; Alice in Wonderland, Amazon Wild, Cash Blox, Britain’s Got Talent and Chests of Plenty – the progressive jackpot slot with eye-watering amounts of cash up for grabs.

Why play this game?

Hexagon Roulette is a pleasant edition to the roulette category of games, but it is very basic and lacks the atmosphere and excitement that standard roulette games offer. There is no table, no wheel and no ball – just a very basic screen of colour with what seems to be an automated result. In our opinion, you can win some great amounts of cash wit this roulette version, but you can’t beat playing at a real table with a spinning wheel and ball.

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