Slottolette (Ash Gaming)

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Never heard of Slottolette before? Well, let us introduce you to a brand-new table game that is taking the casino world by storm. Ash Gaming are the ingenious people behind Slottolette and it’s a creation that combines roulette with the thrill of a slot machine.

Slottolette is unique and offers even more chances to win and even more anticipation and excitement. Forget 35 to 1 with straight up bets, because you can win 100x your initial stake – all thanks to the slot machine section of the game.

Slottolette (Ash Gaming)

6 votes

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Rules of play

Slottolette is your standard European roulette game and follows the same rules. The roulette wheel featured will have 37 pockets – 0 to 36. Use the chip denominations to place a bet on the roulette wheel and press spin to start the game. If you should hit a winning bet on the wheel – the slot machine comes into play.

What makes it different?

If you haven’t already guessed, the big difference with Slottolette to other roulette games is the fact that it combines both roulette and a slot machine to offer big wins. The layout of the game is almost identical to other variants offered, but to the left of the wheel is where you will find a dedicated section purely for the slot machine. The slot is a 3 reel, one payline slot machine that offers wins of up to 100x your stake. In order to play the slot machine, you will need to place a bet on the table. Place your chips on the table and then click your desired bet on the slot machine – choose to play 1, 3 or 5 spins whilst the reel is spinning. As the roulette wheel is spinning, the slot machine will spin and if you win, the wins will accumulate to the top of the machine. Minimum stake is 0.10 whilst the maximum is 100.00 for the slot machine. You have the potential to win up to 100x your stake on the slot and you can win with your bets on the betting table.

House edge and betting limits

The house edge is 2.70% with the roulette game. Table limits are set at 0.10 minimum stake and 10,000 maximum stake. The maximum wins on offer is 100,000.

Strategy needed?

Double up bets are offered which is perfect for those playing by the Martingale roulette strategy. If you are looking to make big cash fast – maximum stakes should be placed on the slot machine at all times as there’s the potential to accumulate big wins in every spin. Players who want to try and stretch out their bankroll for as long as possible can still gamble on the slot machine with bets as low as 0.10.

Devices available on

Slottolette can only be enjoyed on a desktop device.

US permitted?

US players are not permitted to play Slottolette.

Also on offer…

Ash Gaming have been providing online casino games since 2000, with a huge selection of games to suit all types of gaming enthusiasts, from slots lover to table games players. Popular slot titles include; Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Viva Las Vegas, Wheel of Fortune and Tiki Paradise.

Our thoughts

Being slot lovers and roulette aficionados, we were thrilled to stumble upon Slottolette from Ash Gaming. The design of the roulette game itself is superb with the main focus being the roulette wheel and betting table. The ball history is provided to the right of the wheel and the game looks like it is being beamed live from a casino floor. The inclusion of the slot machine is perfect – it allows you to play two games at once and gives you additional chances to win. Maximum that can be won from the slot machine is 100x your stake whist the table offers a maximum win of 100,000.

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