Lucky 8 Roulette (Ash Gaming)

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When you think of the word roulette, you automatically think of a table game with a spinning wheel with either 37 pockets for the European version or 38 pockets for the American version, but Lucky 8 Roulette is neither of these and offers an extra supercharged feature to get players chomping at the bit.

Ash Gaming are the creators behind this variant of roulette and have packed additional features into an already exciting game, to make it even better – including the winning potential. Throw in a progressive jackpot element and you have created a roulette game that has the potential to make some big winners.

Lucky 8 Roulette (Ash Gaming)

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What is it exactly?

Lucky 8 Roulette is a table game that features a staggering 51 pockets; the numbers 1 to 49, a single zero and the golden Lucky 8 section. Due to the way the table has been designed, players get more choice when it comes to betting options and increased odds. The game works the way that European roulette would, place your chips and hope for a win. There are three mini wheels to the top of the betting table, each with the numbers 1 to 8 running clockwise – these come into play with the ‘Lucky 8’ section of the wheel. The golden ‘Lucky 8’ pocket of the wheel is the key to triggering the progressive bonus. You don’t have to place chips on this section of the wheel to enter the bonus either, should the ball land on this section of the wheel – it will trigger the separate progressive jackpot game, whether you’ve placed money on it or not. During this bonus, those three mini reels will spin and in order to get your hands on the stated progressive jackpot, each mini wheel must land on the lucky number 8.

Play as you would

Playing this version of roulette is simple, even though there are more numbers and an additional feature. You simply choose the bets you are comfortable with playing and spin the wheel. Should the progressive bonus be won, it will be replaced with a hidden progressive total that has been increasing in value just like the visible one.

Bet and returns

All the usual European roulette bets can be placed on the Lucky 8 Roulette game, such as straight up, odds or evens, red or black and street. But because there are more numbers, players can also place bets on blocks of 16 too. Usual returns on a straight up bet in standard European roulette is 35 to 1, but with Lucky 8 Roulette, a straight up bet will pay 48 to 1.

Age is just a number

Lucky 8 Roulette first originated in land based bookmakers up and down the country and is known as one of the oldest versions of roulette available. It’s popularity in bookies has drawn attention from software creators such as Ash Gaming, who decided to recreate this popular game for online casino customers. There are no cheats or specific playing skills required to win, you just have to be lucky.

Big Bets

The biggest returns will come from the 48 to 1 ratio on a straight up bet.

Mobile magic?

Lucky 8 Roulette can only be accessed via a desktop device.

US players permitted?

Lucky 8 Roulette is not available to players in the US.

Other games by software provider

Ash Gaming have been developing exciting casino games since 2000. They focus more on the creation of online slots with popular titles such as Amazon Wild, Adventures in Wonderland and Britain’s Got Talent taking the casino world by storm.

Winning potential

Kudos to Ash Gaming because they have produced a roulette game that is completely different to other games. We love the additional progressive jackpot element – but what we love even more is the potential to trigger that bonus without even winning.

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