Multi Wheel European Roulette Gold (Microgaming)

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Recently we come across a roulette game that offered players the chance to play with six different roulette wheels, that was Multi Wheel Roulette from Playtech, but Microgaming have gone one better – you can play a thrilling European roulette game with up to 8 different roulette wheels!

Place your bets from as little as 1.00 or as much as 50.00 as you try to hit a winning outcome on the wheels. Not only does 8 roulette wheels mean more fun, but it means even more chances of winning.

Multi Wheel European Roulette Gold (Microgaming)

2 votes

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Game rules

Multi Wheel European Roulette Gold is a standard European roulette game that features 8 wheels and one betting table. The roulette wheels are identical and feature 37 different pockets; a single zero and numbers running from 1 through to 36. There is just one betting table, so the bets you choose will be the same for every wheel.

Once you have studied the table and selected your bets with the chip denominations on your screen, you can set the ball rolling. Chip values on offer are; 1.00, 2.00, 5.00, 10.00, 25.00 and 50.00.

An important thing to remember is that when you place your bets on the table – the table will accept those bets for each wheel that you have in play, so if you were to bet 10.00 on six different straight up bets – that would give you a total of 60.00, but then you multiply that by the eight wheels and it becomes a total bet of 480.00.

Even though the wheels run simultaneously, the wheels will come to a stop at individual times – this is because of how the ball will land.

The benefits

Because there are 8 roulette wheels, the chances of winning are increased drastically – compared to European roulette with just the one wheel. You don’t have to play all the eight wheels – simply click the wheels that you want to deactivate and to bring them back into play, you click them again.

Players can place chips on the standard European roulette bets such as odds or evens, straight up, column, street and so on.


The return to player (RTP) percentage for this game is 97.30%.

Player strategy

Microgaming have designed Multi Wheel European Roulette Gold with the player in mind – the player interface is superb and allows for easier betting. The game table has been divided so that the betting table is to the lower of the screen with eight different screens to the top that feature roulette wheels in each one.

Mobile compatibility

You can play Multi Wheel European Roulette Gold from the comfort and convenience of your mobile or tablet device – no downloads required.

US accepted?

Microgaming have not stated if there are US restrictions in place for this game.

Other games by software provider

Microgaming offer a huge range of games to suit all tastes – whether you are a table game lover or a slots spinner, there is an extensive catalogue of games on offer. Popular titles include; live dealer tables that include the Playboy Live, High Society slot and the thrilling Break Away slot.


Although Microgaming are giving you more chances to win in every spin, they are also masking the fact that it can cost you a great deal more to have those extra chances. If you are a high roller, the returns could be massive as you have the opportunity to bet a maximum of 11,840 a spin (by using all of the wheels on offer).

Multi Wheel European Roulette Gold is easy to play and there is a demo version available should you wish to try before you buy.

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