Spingo (Microgaming)

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Spingo is a new alternative to the traditional roulette game and is a fusion of roulette and bingo – hence the name Spingo. This awesome version of roulette is a must for bingo and roulette lovers alike.

There is no limit to the amount of online roulette games on offer, each one has their own little unique take on a much-loved classic game, but there a few big differences between those and the game of Spingo.

Spingo (Microgaming)

3 votes

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Rules of the game

Just like roulette, you place your bet on the table by using the chip denominations on the screen. When you are happy with your bet – you press the spin button to start the wheel spinning. A numbered ball will be produced onto the wheel and spin around. When the ball finally comes to a stop – that will be the winning number and winning coloured pocket.

Different game to play

When you think of roulette, you imagine a European roulette wheel or maybe even an American roulette wheel – but with Spingo, you have something completely different altogether. The roulette wheel is designed with a total of 25 pockets, one single green and running clockwise there are yellow, red and blue pockets running in order. There are no numbers on the wheel at all – just coloured pockets. The betting table is different too, beneath the wheel on the dark green tablecloth is a grid full of betting options. There are numbers 1 to 10 in red, yellow and blue with single green, red, yellow and blue options. Beneath the numbers you will find 1 to 5, 6 to 10, odd and even betting options. I bet you are wondering where the numbers come into this game? Well, a ball will be thrown onto the table in every game and that ball will have a number on it from 0 to 10. Use the chips on the screen to place your desired bet. You are betting on the number of the ball that will be produced and the colour in lands on. There are no time limits to allow you to play in your own time. When the game commences, the ball will spin around the wheel and stop in a pocket – this is the winning colour.

Limits and RTP

Minimum bet is 1.00 whilst the maximum is 10.00. Spingo has a return to player (RTP) percentage of 96.70%.


There is no specific strategy in place for Spingo. You could take advantage of the low table limits in place, this means you will be able to spread out a range of bets to maximise your chances of winning.

Devices to play on

Desktop devices can load Spingo.

US permitted?

Residents of the US can enjoy all the fun of Spingo.

Our summary

Spingo is a basic game to understand and play with the highest return coming from a combination of bets placed; this is 32x your initial stake – which is slightly behind traditional roulette where a straight up bet offers 35:1. The graphics are crystal clear but the way the game has been created is to make it look like a virtual reality game – no life-like graphics have been ploughed into this casino game. There’s plenty of ways in which you can win, even though there are limited betting options on the table. With less betting options comes more chances of winning – always remember that. Spingo may not suit high rollers as you would need to be playing for quite some time in order to accumulate some decent cash – so if you love to bet big and play furiously, Spingo isn’t the game for you.

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