Double Action Roulette (Playtech)

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Have you ever been left frustrated by the outcome of the spin of the wheel in roulette and hoped for an extra chance at winning?

Well, with Double Action Roulette from Playtech – you get just that, two chances to win in every single spin. Playtech are a leading name when it comes to casino games, and they have recently released an extensive range of live casino games, where you can place bets against a real dealer in HD quality.

Double Action Roulette is a live casino game, which allows up to 100 players to place bets on the same table.

Double Action Roulette (Playtech)

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Take a standard roulette wheel featuring numbers 0 through to 36 and throw in an extra ring of numbers and it’s a whole new ball game. Just like all other roulette games, you will have to predict where you think the ball will land on the next spin – red or black, high or low and so on, only you can make that decision. Once you’ve placed your bets, the dealer will call “No more bets’ and throw the ball in the wheel, you sit back and wait for the outcome of where the ball will land. The ball will fall into place and show a number for the outer and inner ring – providing two winning numbers.

What’s different?

Well, if you haven’t already guessed, the difference between European Roulette and Double Action Roulette, is the two rings of numbers – twice the numbers and twice the fun. Not only that, but the table layout is different – there is a betting area for bets placed on the outer ring and bets for the inner ring. The table is a 6×6 grid of numbers where the ball runs and comes to res within the inner and the outer ring.

Odds of wins

Double Action Roulette doesn’t alter the roulette odds you have as standard. This game is based on the European Roulette wheel, so the odds and bets are what you’d normally find – except for one bet in particular. Players should look to make as much money as possible, with the least risk. Outside bets are not even-money bets in Double Action Roulette – so it’s important to remember that. In order for an outside bet to be paid, the ball has to produce the winning bet on both the inner and outer rings of the wheel.

Place your bets

There are numerous bets that can be placed, so it’s important to try and keep a cool head and place bets that are considered less risky – the higher the risk, the less likely you are of winning.

Mobile compatibility

You can only play Double Action Roulette via desktop or laptop devices.

Available to US?

Residents of the US cannot access this game.

Other games by software provider

Playtech offer a huge range of gambling products such as slots, over 500 exciting casino games, video poker, bingo and sportsbook. Popular games on offer include; 3D roulette, Multi Wheel Roulette, Marvel Roulette, Pontoon and the progressive jackpot slot Gladiator with staggering prizes reaching over millions of pounds.

Our verdict

Roulette players will love the additional ring of numbers and gambling options with Double Action Roulette, because not only does it offer more excitement – but it also offers more chances to win. Every spin of the wheel will offer two winning numbers with the inner and outer rings running in opposite directions until the balls settle into a pocket. For what may seem like a complicated game to play, Double Action Roulette is easy to play and offers more chances that standard Roulette games.

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