Prestige Roulette (Playtech)

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Prestige Roulette sounds rather glamorous and that’s exactly what it is; a live casino game with a touch of luxury. Playtech have blown the competition out of the water with their Prestige Roulette offering in our opinion as it offers players one-on-one action in a private setting. The game was launched in the winter of 2015 and became an instant success, thanks to HD streaming and a luxurious atmosphere.

Multiple dealers who are all well-groomed females who are pleasant on the eye and multiple camera angles allow for some superb gaming action. Prestige Roulette takes the thrills of roulette to a whole new level and focuses more on the game then the betting table.

Prestige Roulette (Playtech)

9 votes

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What’s so Special?

There has been a lot of thought and effort gone into this roulette creation, you can see that when you launch the game. Your dealer is sat in a neon-lit room which is made to look like a private room with just you and the dealer – she will be sat right next to the roulette wheel and will encourage you to interact whilst playing the game. As features go, Prestige Roulette is based on a standard European roulette wheel and plays by those same rules.

Your screen is uncluttered and offers tabs to load different options. To the right is where you will find a tab for the ball history and the left offers a tab for the statistics – these functions allow for a more realistic gaming atmosphere. The control panel displays the chip denominations, chat feature, camera angles and your bet and win details.

If your internet struggles to support the quality of the video streaming, you have the option to lower it to suit your connection speed.

Betting limits are basic and range from 2.00 to 1,000 on chip sizes; 1.00, 5.00, 10.00, 25.00 and 100.00. individual betting limits will vary from this with straight up bets offering bets from 5.00 to a maximum of 25.00. The betting table will come into view when the game is ready for you to place your bets it offers the usual bets such as corner, street and red or black. When the game starts, you can remove the betting table from your screen to focus on the wheel itself.

The house edge for Prestige Roulette is 2.70%.

Our Thoughts

In our opinion, Prestige Roulette is the closest thing to a personal casino experience that you are ever going to get. The graphics and player interface are superb. The dealers are friendly and will chat with you to keep things interesting. Playtech have created a roulette game that brings the private room atmosphere to your own home. The inclusion of quick-fire betting rounds adds more excitement to what already is a thrilling game. You will be treated like a VIP at all times whilst playing – which is another superb benefit of this roulette game.

What Casino Offers This Game?

You are able to launch Prestige Roulette at Betfair Casino, Bet365 Casino and Euro Grand Casino.

Residents of the US are not permitted to play Prestige Roulette.

Mobile Play?

Prestige Roulette has been designed with HTML5 and flash technology, allowing you to play on desktop, mobile and tablet devices. There is no software required as the game will load instantly on your chosen device.

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