Premier French Roulette (Playtech)

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French roulette is an alternative to European roulette, offers the same roulette wheel with additional features. It’s becoming a popular game among online roulette players as it offers a lower house edge – the lowest available in fact and increased betting options.

Playtech are just one of the companies that have released a version to play, adding unique features and options to attract the players. But what separates Premier French Roulette to other French roulette varieties? Read on to find out.

Premier French Roulette (Playtech)

4 votes

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Rules of the game

Like all roulette games, you take your seat at the virtual roulette table and you will find your betting chips to the side of the betting options. Whether you like to place the same bets regardless of the ball history or if you like to play randomly, you place your chips on the table to start the game. Once you are happy, press the spin button and the clockwise spinning wheel will produce a ball. The ball will spin anticlockwise and come to rest in a pocket within 5 seconds. A golden pawn will be placed on the winning number on the betting table and losing bets will be pulled from the table.


All roulette games are the same, despite the version or the wheel in play – you select your bet and spin the wheel and hope for a winning outcome, but what makes Premier French Roulette different to other versions is the fact that players can enjoy premium graphics, a superb player interface and better odds with the increased range of bets on offer. The betting table offers the usual European roulette bets with fancy French words; Passe, Manque, Pair, Impair. The lower of the screen offers neighbour bets and announce bets. To the left of the screen is where the roulette wheel sits with options to change the viewing angle, customise the tablecloth and a zoom feature. The right offers a history panel with an advanced statistical feature to the lower of the screen.

House edge and table bets

Premier French Roulette has a house edge of 2.70% – standard for European roulette games. The table limits in place allow you to bet 1.00 minimum and 25.00 maximum.

Any strategies required?

If you play roulette to the Martingale strategy, you will benefit from the ‘double and spin’ option that’s available. High rollers may feel restricted somewhat with this game as it only allows for a maximum of 25.00 bet – but this could work in their favour. This would allow for a series of straight bets at 25.00, giving more chances of winning with a decent return.

Casinos offering this game

Head to Ladbrokes Casino where you can play Premier French Roulette with no downloading required. There is a demo version on offer to allow you to practice before staking your own cash.

US players welcome?

Players from the US are not permitted to play Premier French Roulette from Playtech.

Other Playtech titles

Playtech offer a huge range of casino games in download and no download formats. Popular titles offered include; 3D Roulette, European Roulette, Mini Roulette and the thrilling Wild Viking card game.

What we think

Premier French Roulette is a great take on the popular roulette game that goes back to the 1700’s, but the betting limits on offer are not the best available. Some roulette versions offer bets of up to 75,000, so in comparison – the 25.00 maximum bet is rather measly. However, the range of betting options on offer allow for increased chances of winning. The player options allow you to customise your table to suit you and being able to play at your own speed is great for players who don’t like to get flustered with a timer in place.

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