Video Roulette (Playtech)

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Video Roulette from Playtech is a fusion of roulette and live roulette brought into one game. This feature-rich game is perfect for all players and brings you closer to the action than ever before.

Whether you like to play things nice and simple or bet big with complicated bets – Video Roulette has something for you. High rollers can take advantage of the increased bet limits of 250,000 per spin, La Partage rule and a return to player (RTP) that’s one of the best in the industry.

Video Roulette (Playtech)

4 votes

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Rules of play

A traditional European roulette wheel is used with Video Roulette and features the same layout and numbers you would expect from this game. Take your seat at the virtual roulette table and place your bets accordingly. Once you are happy, you start the game by pressing the spin button and within a few short seconds, the ball will stop in a pocket of the wheel – that will be the winning bet.

Any difference?

Even though Video Roulette is a traditional European roulette game, there are many differences. The wheel and table are the same as you’d expect, but the design has been cleverly thought out. Video Roulette has been created to look like it is a real roulette game coming live from a casino floor – but it isn’t. Crystal clear graphics and the latest technology have you fooled. When you have placed your bets (in your own time) and are happy – press the spin button and a video will emerge of a real dealer (that’s been recorded) throwing a ball onto the roulette wheel. No more awkward conversations with a live dealer – just you, the roulette game and a video of a dealer. The tablecloth is rich red in colour and you will find all the bets stamped onto it – these include the racetrack of bets too. To the right of the screen are various options that allow you to view statistics, hot and cold numbers and the ability to speed up your game and repeat and double up. Running across the top of your screen is the ball history, table limits, your stake and odd/even percentages.

House edge and max bets

The La Partage rule present in Video Roulette, lowers the house edge from 2.70% to 1.35%. Minimum bet is 1.00 and maximum is 250,000 – but each betting option on offer will have its own maximum betting limit in place.

Player strategy

Video Roulette offers La Partage rule – this means you can take advantage of a lower house edge, plus you will get half your stake back should the ball land in the zero. Not only that, but thanks to the double up betting feature, Martingale users would benefit from this. There are increased betting limits which allow for some serious cash to be made on straight up bets, so if you have a bankroll that can withstand losses and are looking for a big win, you would be wise to place these bets in the hope of a tasty return.

Compatible device

You can enjoy the thrills of Video Roulette on a desktop device.

US players

US residents are not eligible to play Video Roulette from Playtech.

Other games by software provider

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Video Roulette is perfect for players who want to be treated like a VIP with one-on-one action, without the awkwardness of live roulette games. The graphics are superb and emanate a real casino and real-life dealer. What’s already a thrilling game to play because even more interesting thanks to the increased betting limits suited to high rollers.

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