Multiplayer European Roulette (Playtech)

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While roulette has been a popular game since the 1700s – there are only two roulette wheels that make up so many different varieties of this popular game; European with a single zero and American with two zeros.

Multiplayer European Roulette is an online version of roulette from gaming giants Playtech. This superb roulette game allows you to be sociable whilst indulging in your favourite game. Bring the excitement of the casino floor into your own home.

Multiplayer European Roulette (Playtech)

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Rules of play

When you load the game from the games lobby, you will be required to select a nickname. Once you’ve created this you will be able to choose a room in which to join. You can view the players in each of the rooms available, your player profile and you can even create a private table. Once the game has launched, you will be required to place bets of your desired amount onto the betting table. The wheel will spin and a ball will be produced onto the wheel. When the ball comes to rest – this will be the winning pocket and all winning bets will be paid instantly.

Game differences

Multiplayer European Roulette is based on a traditional roulette game and follows those same rules. This means there are 37 different pockets – numbered 1 to 36 and a single green zero. As far as differences go – the game is basically the same as all the other European roulette variants on the internet, but there are little differences here and there that can be found with this Playtech version. When you sit at your virtual table, the first thing that you will notice is the luxurious feel of the game. The betting table is carved from pure wood with a dark green table cloth. The roulette wheel – the main focus of the game is placed to the top left of the screen. Options on the screen include camera angles, zoom function and being able to change the colour of the tablecloth. Chip denominations sit to the lower of the table with all your usual bets. There’s also the inclusion of the racetrack of bets to the top pf the table, offering Tier, Orphelins and Voisins du Zero bets. Next to this you will find the table betting limits. Here is where the difference is found with this game; you are able to play with other players around the world and see what they are betting and where they are placing their bets.

Edge and limits

The house edge is 2.70% with Multiplayer European Roulette. Minimum bets are 1.00 and maximum bets as 2,500. Certain bets will have their own betting limits but there’s the potential to win 36 times your initial bet.

Strategies required

As Multiplayer European Roulette is a game of chance, you will be required to study the various statistics and try to place a winning bet. Those playing with a limited bankroll will be required to place several low value bets – to give more chance of winning whilst topping up their balance. High roller? Straight bets will reward you the most with a return of 35 to 1.

Casinos offering the game

BGo Casino are just one of the online casinos offering Multiplayer European Roulette from Playtech.

US accepted?

Players from the US are not permitted to play this game.

Playtech’s games

Playtech have their fingers in many pies and offer online bingo, slots, table and casino games. Titles offered include; Aces & Faces, Around the World, 3D Roulette and Captain America slot.


Playtech have created an online version of roulette with a community feel to it. Whilst the rules of the game and the layout are identical to most other versions available – the graphics, player options and betting abilities are what make it different.

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