Pinball Roulette (Playtech)

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There are many varieties of online roulette available and companies are trying their best to create unique, fun and rewarding variations of roulette to tempt you to play – Playtech and Ash Gaming have created that and more with their ingenious game.

So, what do you get when you combine pinball and the much-loved table game of roulette? You get Pinball Roulette, an exciting hybrid from Playtech and Ash Gaming. Enjoy all the thrill of roulette with the excitement of pinball as you place your bets on the table to win big cash. In this game, you say goodbye to the roulette wheel and hello to the traditional pinball machine where there are even more ways to win and up to 10x multipliers attached to your winnings.

Pinball Roulette (Playtech)

2 votes

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The rules

Pinball Roulette is based on the traditional European roulette game and follows the same rules. When the game launches, the betting table will to the right of the screen and the pinball machine to the left. You can place your bets on the betting table with the chips displayed. Press bet to start the ball rolling and the spring-loaded ball will be thrown onto the pinball machine and will finally come to rest in a pocket. If you have a winning bet, you will be able to go into the gamble round where you can win up to 10x your initial bet.

Big differences

Pinball Roulette is roulette but not how we know it. In place of the wheel is the pinball machine and if you’ve ever played the pinball game, you will know that the ball will launch into the machine and will bounce off the various metal pins until it comes to rest in a pocket. Well, in Pinball Roulette those pockets are based on a European roulette wheel. The lower part of the pinball machine has the green zero and then the numbers red 32 right through to black 26 – how you’d expect to find them on a traditional roulette wheel. If you are lucky enough to place a winning bet – you will then be able to gamble in the bonus round. A different pinball roulette machine will load with new options to the lower of the game. The bonus round allows you to win up to 10x your original winnings but remember as it is a gamble round, you have the potential to lose too. During this bonus round, you will notice there are four stars on the pinball machine – if you get the ball to cross over the paths of all four, you will instantly win a 5x multiplier – no matter where the ball lands. An additional feature is if you manage to get the ball into the upper section of the bonus table, you will be given an additional ball to play with – thus increasing your chances of winning. There is a turbo option to the game that allows for fast and furious gameplay – but this does kill all the fun that this game has to offer in our opinion.

RTP and limits

Pinball Roulette has a high return to player (RTP) percentage of 97.30% – which is rather impressive. Betting limits are capped at 10,000 maximum – however, certain bets (such as straight bets) have stricter maximum limits in place.

Winning strategies

There are no winning or losing strategies to this game, you simply place your bets and wait for the pinball outcome.

Where can I play?

Head over to Bet Victor Casino where you can play this thrilling game – you even get to try it in demo mode to see how the game is played.

US players

Unfortunately, US players cannot play Pinball Roulette.

Other games

Miss Fortune, The Flintstones and Sweet Party are a few slots from Playtech whilst Ash Gaming offer Fruit Madness, Cash Blox and Bounty of the Beanstalk slots.


We absolutely love Pinball Roulette as it offers more to your standard game of roulette. The bonus game is great in terms of multipliers, but it can be over very, very quickly – especially when you lose. The sounds, graphics and winning potential is superb.

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