3 Card Roulette (Electracade)

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Electracade was founded in 2004 and is a UK based software provider that currently offers over 400 thrilling casino games that can be accessed online. In 2008, OpenBet Limited acquired Electracade and it was thanks to this acquisition that we saw an increase in table game releases, such as the exciting 3 Card Roulette – a game that combines the thrill of the roulette wheel with the anticipation of 3 card poker.

3 Card Roulette (Electracade)

2 votes

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Game rules

This fun-filled game offers a variety of betting types and it’s a simple game to grasp. You will find betting options that you’d expect to find with roulette plus the additional bonuses of 3 card poker. You can place your bets on individual colours, suits, specific card types and lines – plus there are betting options where you can place bets on cards that won’t be drawn.

Minimum bets are set at just 0.10 and the maximum is capped at 1,000. Select your desired chip denomination and click where you’d like to place it. When you are ready to start the game, you click the bet button on your screen.

What makes it special?

3 Card Roulette will appeal to both card players and roulette lovers as it combines both to offer a huge array of bets and the possibility to win some great amounts of cash.

The layout of the game is very different to what you would expect from poker and roulette. The screen offers a green tablecloth in the shape of a diamond. On each side of the table you will find different betting options and the bet button. To the right is the main control panel with playing cards 2 through to the Joker. There are suits, red or black and turbo options displayed – allowing you to make your bets with ease.

When you have placed your desired bets and the game begins, 3 cards will be drawn face down on the control panel. A golden light will make its way around the board and come to a stop on various playing card symbols. The light will continue around the board for three turns and display the winning outcomes on the control panel – if you match a winning outcome, you will receive your winnings instantly.

House edge

Return to player (RTP) percentage is 96.87% for this game.

Player strategy

There is no skill involved – 3 Card Roulette is a game of chance. Choose where you think the light will come to a stop and you’re onto a winner. You have the ability to repeat your bets and play in turbo mode if you wish.

Mobile play

Electracade have created 3 Card Roulette to load on desktop and mobile devices. No downloads required and you can even play in free play mode.

US permitted

As far as we are aware, US residents are not permitted to access the game.

Other games by software provider

Online slots were the main focus when Electracade initially launched, but over time they have produced more and more casino games with various genres. Electracade have created some big slot titles from other companies such as Monopoly, Cluedo and Cleopatra for industry giants IGT. Other popular titles include; Alice in Wonderland, Poker Fruits and The Price is Right.

Our thoughts

We love the idea of 3 Card Roulette as the creation allows you to literally play two games at once. You have the thrill of the ball flowing around the table and the excitement of the three cards being pulled from the deck.

There are numerous betting options offered which leads to increased cancels of winning. Player interface is superb and has been designed to allow for easier betting.

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