California Roulette

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Surprisingly, roulette as we know it is banned in California. Any game where the outcome is based solely on a ball or a dice is outlawed according to California law.

In 2004, a change in the law allowed for a legalised version of roulette to be introduced – this was California Roulette. This game is based on your American roulette with a deck of 38 cards opposed to 38 different numbers on a wheel. Each card is numbered identically to the numbers found on an American roulette wheel and features a colour and suit to go with it – what you would find with a traditional deck of playing cards.

California Roulette

3 votes

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Rules of the game

There are no big differences when it comes to betting options, as this game allows players to place bets on numbers and colours – what you are able to do with American roulette. To start the game, all of the cards are placed into an automatic machine which will then shuffle the cards randomly. The dealer will then produce a winning card and that will determine if you win or lose, based on the bets you have placed on the table.

Usually there are 8 players playing against the house and the inclusion of the ‘En Prison’ rule is what gives for a lower house edge – far lower than what you’d expect from American roulette.

Different ball game

California Roulette really is a totally different ball game as there are no balls or wheel to this game of roulette – instead the game is played with a single deck of cards. If you like to play roulette with additional benefits and betting options then California Roulette offers it all, from ‘La Partage’ to the ‘En Prison’ rule.

Should the dealer produce a card bearing a zero – players will receive half of their stake back with the ‘En Prison’ rule. You don’t have to place a wager on the zero to win with this rule. With the ‘La Partage’ means that a player is not allowed to place another bet after receive half their stake back.

When you wish to place your bets, you use the chip denominations on the table and place these on your desired section of the table. When the dealer calls ‘No More Bets’ the cards will be shuffled. Once shuffled, the dealer will produce a card from the machine the game will end.

California house edge

You’d expect California Roulette to offer a house edge of 5.26% as it is a game based on American roulette, but ‘En Prison’ rule will drastically reduce the house edge to 1.35%.

Specific strategy?

There is no skill involved with placing the bets, you study the table and place your bets accordingly. You have a specific time to place bets before the dealer closes the betting table.

Where to play

This version of roulette is only available to play at land based casinos and offers additional thrill and excitement to what already is a brilliant game.

US players

US residents will find this version of roulette in the majority of Californian casinos.

What we think

Whoever came up with the idea of California Roulette has not only offered a new take on the popular table game, but it also offers a loop-hole to players wishing to play roulette. Card games have never been more fun and by playing California Roulette you can take advantage of the lowest house edge available.

Having to visit a casino to play the game is what you will have to do, but this can be intimidating to players who don’t want to feel pressurised into placing silly bets.

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