Roulette Supreme (Gtech)

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GTECH are masters when it comes to online casino games and they are producing more and more games than ever before. Take roulette, there so many different varieties being released but GTECH are putting their own unique twist on each roulette game they create, to give players something new and exciting to play.

Roulette Supreme is just one roulette game on offer from the company and it’s a game that is equipped with unique graphics and visuals to make this casino-classic even more exciting than it already is.

Roulette Supreme (Gtech)

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Rules of the game

Roulette Supreme is your standard European roulette game, so the wheel will have 37 pockets that the ball can land in; numbers 1 to 36 in red and black and a single zero in green. All of the pockets of the wheel can be bet on and there are additional betting options offered too. The aim of the game is to place your bets on the table by using the chip denominations provided, press the spin button and sit back and hope for a win. La Partage rule is in play, so that if the ball lands in zero, you will receive half you stake back.

What makes it special?

Supreme means the greatest and that’s what you can expect from GTECH, the greatest high quality graphics and additional camera settings that you wouldn’t normally expect with standard European roulette games. Players can place bets on inside and outside bets, neighbour bets, splits and bets via the racetrack. Chip denominations on the table are; 1.00, 5.00, 25.00, 100.00 and 500.00. The layout of the game has been created to allow for a crystal-clear gameplay with limited options on display to distract your attention. When you visit a casino, you don’t expect things to be distracting your view of the table – so you won’t get that with Roulette Supreme as it is designed to replicate a real casino table with brilliant visuals. The betting table will be on the screen with the roulette wheel hiding behind. When you have placed your bets in your own time (with no timers), you press spin. The betting table will vanish from view and you will focus on the roulette wheel. There are additional camera angles offered to get a view that suits you.

Supreme house edge and limits

Roulette Supreme has a lower house edge than usual thanks to the La Partage rule in play – this makes it 1.35%. Minimum bet is 1.00 and the maximum is 1,000 – but individual bets will have different maximum bet limits.

Any strategy to aid play?

There is no strategy required to play, you basically select your bets and see if lady luck is on your side. To conserve your bankroll for as long as possible, you should place lots of smaller bets to give you more chances of winning, but if you are a high roller who likes to bet all or nothing – you would be wise to place bets such as straight up bets, to get the biggest returns on offer.

Compatible devices

Mobile, tablet and desktops can enjoy all the fun that Roulette Supreme has to offer.

US permitted

Residents of the US are not permitted to play Roulette Supreme.

Other games

Betting, lottery, casino, bingo, poker and slots are what GTECH specialise in, popular titles include; Fast Poker, SicBo Ultimate, French Roulette Core and Card Roulette.

Overall feel

The graphics and player interface is what makes Roulette Supreme different to the other roulette games on the internet. The betting options allow for a varied gameplay with the potential to accumulate some big wins. La Partage rule reduces your losses, so if you wish to limit your losses play a roulette variety that offers this rule.

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